Happy women's day

The women in her life have many phases and serve many roles: daughter, sister, wife, and mother to name a few. People believe, to be a good daughter she needs to have good parents. For being a good sister she needs to respect her brother and his needs. For being a good wife, she needs to look pretty and should have the capability to lure the men, then only she is SUCCESSFUL in life to have the man of her dreams who will fulfill her needs. For being a good mother she needs to be loving, caring and more importantly SACRIFICING.

I find SACRIFICE and WOMEN to be synonyms as every time a sacrifice is in the picture the women enters the frame automatically.  But never forget that SACRIFICE is her ABILITY, but not her AIM. Every women’s heart has a spark of blissful fire which is dormant within her but once it beams and blazes, no one can ever stop her to achieve what she wants.

Wishing all women a HAPPY WOMEN’S DAY. Be bold for change, because the question isn’t who is going to let me, it’s who is going to stop me.   

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