Wasting Time on Internet? Here’s 5 Tips to Productive Surfing

Daily in India People are getting active on Internet. Many people learn and use internet either for education purpose or for entertainment. With increase in usage of smart phones people are getting addicted to it. From 10 people sitting close 8-9 of them are busy in smart phones.

Getting knowledge from internet is good but getting addicted will worsen your health, mind and attitude. Don’t just waste your time as it is precious. Lives do exist without internet and great people about whom you learn in history did not have internet at that time still they are genius.
If you want to utilize your time well, read out few tips given below to Productive Surfing.

Learn New Skills

It’s so much easy to learn new skills nowadays and that to for free. Always wanted to learn new language, New Designing Tool? You can visit Edx, Coursera , Udemy, Udacity and many more websites available, they have tutorials for beginner till expert levels. Some courses are free as well as paid. Select the course which meets your requirement and start learning it today.

Shop Smartly

Shopping online is very common today. People buy many things online. Comparing prices, quality takes a lot of time. Make sure you read the reviews for product, ratings given by other customers. This will help you know about product details. As the image shown by applications are not 100% accurate. Customer’s shares image which is real. So have a look on customer reviews as well. You can even get discounts from various coupons sites available in market and get the product in best deal.

Download New Apps

Your Smartphone must be having 25-40 apps if you check it. Think about it how many you use efficiently. For recharge you must be having 2-3 apps. Use apps wisely. Also your details, like personal info, bank details are confidential so before downloading any apps, here also read play store or app store reviews, then read terms and condition, privacy policy details. Don’t just accept it blindly. Use apps which ease your daily process and is helpful to you. Many apps just wastes your time so install apps which you need.

Virtual Assistant

Google has also come up with assistant. Technology is developed to make life simple. Use this assistant to help you remind about meetings, events, birthday, paying bills, emails to answer etc . Let assistant micromanage your daily reminder list. Many apps are also available for To-Do list and time management . If you need it then download and start using to make life simpler

Read /Write Blog

Subscribe to various channels if you like it. Browse some articles, If you find it good then read it article always helps us dealing with situations in life, it motivates us. If you are good at expressing then why not write to inspire others. Start writing for various blogs as some allow guest post. You can even start your own blog. Do what makes you happy and use your time well!

I Hope this article has helped you in some way. So start surfing internet with some clear idea don’t just go with the flow as time won’t come back. Make sure to invest time in something which will make you good human.

Happy Browsing!

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