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Want to jump into the world of Data Analytics?

[dropcap]D[/dropcap]ata analytics or data science or the Big data as some people may put it, is one of the booming fields in today’s date. Analytics engineer is in huge demands and their salaries are skyrocketing. While some may believe that, as it is solely based on programming, only CS and IT grads can go into the analytics stream. That is just a myth. Data analytics is a totally new field which has come into the picture in the recent years. It mainly involves gathering a mass of data, sorting out relevant information out of it by performing analytical functions and making decisions based on the sorted data. If you have basic knowledge of programming languages and like to play around with numbers, then this is the field you can try out.

Given below is a list of online learning platforms offering online courses on data analytics starting from very basic to getting a professional online degree in data analytics. Some of these programs even give you a chance to work on live industry related projects while pursuing the course.

Started by IBM as an initiative to make up for skilled professionals in the field of data analytics, this site is one of the free and popular sources of learning data science. You may need to spend 3-5 hours as a beginner into the course.

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[dropcap]D[/dropcap]ataCamp is offering all kinds of courses in programming languages R and Python. The courses are ranging from introductory levels and going up to advanced level specialization in particular analytics domains.

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Unlike DataCamp, which focuses only on R and Python, Code Academy is offering a wide range of courses. In addition to that, all the courses are free for anyone, no monthly subscription is required to start learning.

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Started by American consulting firm Booz Allen, this platform is offering self-paced courses in the field of data science. The main advantage is the association with the respectable Booz Allen firm, although now it is managed by Metis.

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Started in 2016, the nano degree is a 12-month online program where starting from basics you can work your way up to a professional working professional.

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Udemy is one of the biggest players in the field of MOOCs. They are offering over 40,000 courses across various genres from primary education to personal development.

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Apart from the above-mentioned courses, there are plenty more analytics courses out there. EdX, DataQuest, and CodeSchool are also offering similar courses, while in India Jigsaw Academy is offering all kinds of courses with prices starting from 5000 rupees for a week-long course.  Do check that out, too.


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