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Using the right way to hire an SQL developer

[dropcap]A[/dropcap]re you planning to hire an SQL developer but not really sure how to start with your search, if yes, then certainly this is the right page where you have landed up? To hire an SQL developer is never an easy job but also there is nothing impossible in it. You need to come up with an effective and strong IT recruiting campaign. This would help you get different cover letters and resumes at a time. To initiate with the screening process, you need to be first aware of their job role and understand what exactly the behavioral pattern is that an organization expects from a developer to have.

When toy looks around different applications and have the phone interview with the potential candidates, you may wonder whether a particular programmer with whom you have spoken can actually be the right fit for your IT team or not. That is when you need to be really aware about the job specification so that it becomes clear to you on whether inviting that particular candidate for an onsite technical interview is right or not. On one hand, you may not want to reject the developer because of his skills which may prove fruitful for the company. On the other hand, you may not also want to entertain those candidates for the interview with your IT team who may require frequent assistance and training. That is the main reason why SQL test hiring solution needs to be carefully made.

It is extremely important that you plan the screening process of the SQL programming in much better manner since it gives you a clear viewpoint about your hiring solution. Choose an effective way by which IT recruiter’s like you can get the most accurate result in terms of hiring. Listed is some of the important information associated with screening of the candidates that can be done in fast and effective manner.

Know more about SQL:

It is a popular 4GL which means Fourth Generation programming Language where the programmers are capable enough to declare how the result actually looks like instead of how the result needs to calculate by the tables. In olden times, such type of declarative programming paradigm has become a key feature for ad-hoc queries that run for the introspection of the data which generally is executed by the human users which are directly associated with the SQL instead of UI.

However, in modern times, SQL comes with the amendment on the other hand and is more general programming language such as Java by which the data can be easily accessed from the central database. Some of the frequently used SQL statements from the testing point of view are DML. This goes by the name of data manipulation language where you insert, modify and at the same time update data in the database. Then there is the DDL which goes by the name of data definition language. This goes on to create and modify the structural objects in the database. As part of the test, it goes on to use a set of tables, views, functions in combination with procedures.

What the hiring managers need to know about the SQL:

There are some tips that can prove valuable for the IT recruiters when it comes of dealing with the SQL language hiring. Since it is a declarative programming paradigm; it is quite different from that of the object orientation and even the functional programming. Not only this, but it is also different from that of the procedural programming in many ways. It is expected form the candidates to have a special mindset with better experience which can prove him to be an SQL expert.  Of course, basic tasks can be well implemented by everyone that even includes business analyst and the project manager but when it comes to dealing with the complex SQL it can be pretty much challenging and for which only a perfect expert can help you.

Things to keep in mind when hiring such candidates:

You need to make thorough background verification about the candidate. It is important to create a set theory which is required for the developer to work with the SQL on a frequent basis. If there is no such effective background then a developer may have to get the individual data items one by one through the general purpose language such as Java and which may have the drastic performance impact.

There are so many universities that don’t generally go far beyond the algebra and even the basic SQL 92 features. The good part is over the past few years, SQL has evolved in such a way be it in the SQL standard form or the vendor specific dialects. There are so many features such as common table expression, window function to name a few that have evolved the developer and made him capable enough to even run the most complex reports that are quite easy. To differentiate between the advanced and the beginner SQL, it is expected to have the knowledge about the CTE and window functions since it is most commonly used in reporting, BI, ETL, and even the analytics use-cases.

Look for the candidates who capable enough to identify where the indexing is necessary. Since most of the performance of SQL can be solved with the right type of indexing, if you are planning to have one such potential candidate, see to it the person has got those capabilities

SQL is said to be the modern developers which are expected to be time-saving. Of course, you would have to speak with subject matter expert and even get some of the best team working for your organization since there has been significant increase in the SQL development section. See to it that you choose the right candidates who with years of experience and good knowledge can also help you come up with some new ideas that can lead to a success path.

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