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In this 21st century where you are preparing for several job openings and educational institutions, you must be anxious to know about several ways you can make through them. The most common way is through INTERVIEWS. Let us have a look at what interviews actually are. First, let us know what interviews actually mean? It is the way of asking a question to get suitable answers to form out an opinion. Moreover, even in media and talk shows, interviews have become a common mode of communication as they help to attract people draw out information from them. Let us know what the several kinds of an interview are.

1. One on one interview:

Let us first come to the most commonly done interview the one on one interview. The way and procedure through which the interviewer interviews the person present in front is known as one to one interview.I t takes place between two people and is a two-way communicational process. This type of interview is generally found during admissions in schools or colleges.

2.   Panel Discussion:

It is the most heated type of discussion or interview. The panel discussion is when a group of people is present together to present forward their views and opinions on a certain topic.The views of one person vary from the other thus there can be the rise of conflict at times. It is generally found in news channels or in an organization when a serious topic is being discussed.


3. Hang on interview :

Hang on interview is the type of interview where the reporters or media persons tend to wait in front  of the houses of famous personalities or celebrities to get a chance to interact with them to get their views.


4.  Telephonic Interview:

This type of interview is also termed as the virtual interview.  As the name suggests in this type of interview either of the interviewer or the interviewee is not present as thus the communication process takes place through the telephone medium. This generally happens in cases of distant courses.


5. Prepared questions list interview:

The type of interview in which questions are prepared or designed from before keeping in mind the motive or the agenda of the interview. This type of interview is generally done with a predetermined goal to achieve a particular type of information.

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