Training vs. Internship

Basically, Training and Internship both deals with some sorts of learning new things or we may say it improves our ideas, skills, knowledge, as well as experience and at the same time motivates us.But there is a huge difference between these two.



Training is actually the development of a person skills,talent,performance,knowledge etc.With the upgrading market or we may say society, a person should also be upgraded, otherwise, he can’t cope up with others.Training is a type of teaching course, which involves both communicative as well as the non-communicative interaction between the trainer and the trainees.Sometimes the trainees are also supposed to give exams so as to ensure the perfection of the knowledge they gained during the training.In working life,i.e in the job or in labor market, training is an essential thing in order to maintain stability in the market.If the skills of the labors are upgraded then only the percentage of profit can be increased by providing more, developed and best quality services to the customer.A customer always seeks for the latest and fastest service.So, by giving training to the existing workers their skills are developed.Training is of different types like job training and physical training.Job training is something done to polish up the skills of the existing workers in a company while physical training is a course that a person unwillingly or willingly does with the desire to upgrade himself.Like military workers are given training in order to be safer and deal with the enemies in an interesting way.Whereas an undergraduate takes a training on something like web development or something like that, in order to gain knowledge.

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Whereas coming to internship, It sit’s actually offered by companies mostly to undergraduate students in order to gain experience of the world market and in order to gain knowledIt’s of a short and fixed time, mostly 2 months.It may be part time or full time.It’s very beneficial for the students as they get an idea how they are going to work after graduation, how to deal with the world market, what are the difficulties they have to face in future.It also gives the student a platform to implement their ideas and theoretical knowledge.Students work under different companies in a temporary post.The students are made to face various situations and the fact that matters is that how well they handle them.Internships may be paid or unpaid.Some companies pay the interns which are not salary but stipend and in return, they extract some works from them, as a result, they are also benefited.The internship allows students to develop their skills and experience so that they don’t face so many difficulties in their future professional life.

Most internships are preferred over training because internships are done during a study course so it helps a student to develop from the beginning.It provides a student to make a startup from the very first stage.It gives a platform to the students to implement their talents, ideas and supports their field of interests.It gives a person the practical experience which is of much more importance than theoretical knowledge.Because the things that we come across or face in our daily lives we learn from it much more than we do by studying books.Whereas most of the training are not so beneficial, almost its theory based.

Example.- A student is offered to go to a company and is given the job of a manager for one day he will face the situations and learn much more than he would learn from a book that how and what a manager does.Realization is much more effective than imagination.


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