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Things Only A Book Worm Would Understand

There are all types of people in the world, people with different set of minds, different passions, and everything. But then there are your kind, the book lovers.

  1. A new Day, A new book!

You obviously read like a maniac, it doesn’t take you much time to finish a book. You probably finish your book sooner than your sandwich, just saying! And like people need new clothes to wear every day, you need a new book. More than your hobby, it’s a need.

  1. *reading a book* “This is so me!”

Indulging yourself in a book is one thing, which most of us would do. But indulging in it, relating to it and predicting what would have happened after the book, or before it is just your thing. You love all your books because they are parts of your soul, they are your Horcruxes.

  1. Got a life problem? Not really!

Not like you don’t get into troubles or have big life issues, just that you know the answers to all your questions. And you don’t need to be real intellectual for that, you just your books. It’s true, your books have the answers to all the questions in the world. Lovely!

  1. “I could be an author too, you know?”

You not only love the way people write, you love the way you write too. You have tried writing at least once, and chances are that people appreciated you, bonus!

At the end of the day, you’re satisfied with what you’ve created.

  1. Quiet places are your cup of tea!

Yes, people like you do exist, and it is a hardly accepted fact for the rest of the world. You just don’t understand why is everyone around you so similar, isn’t that quite sad? Being different and unique has been your thing, that’s why you would choose a quiet place over a party any day.

  1. Something in the world that is made just for you? Kindle!

That is made for me, and me only. Other gadgets like Kindle have made your life so peaceful, you can’t thank the technology enough.

  1. Books are not just books, they are adventure!

You would literally get aroused by reading a book. It’s more of an adventure. You personally feel that people who do not read books, miss out a lot in life.

  1. “Let’s go for the new movie?” “No, I’ve already read it’s book.”

Because it’s okay to find a book more amusing than a movie. In most cases, this is what the critics say too, a movie can never take place of the original book, and if it does, it’s a super hit.

  1. *Reads a bad book, with grammatical errors* Why are such people even alive?

That’s the most irritating thing ever, to you, grammatical errors.  You don’t judge people otherwise, but here, you can’t help it. Being bibliophilic, you love to read all kinds of books, but then there have been books which were more than disasters.

  1. You are the most sorted man you know!

Like seriously, all around, you see people worrying about their relationships, or being single or being overweight or something else. You don’t know where the world is going. In your perspective, you are the most sorted man you know.

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