Things only a foodie will understand

Be it the mid-day-I’m-so-bored-snack time , or the 3 am chocolate craving, your life is centered on food! You love your food like the schoolgirls love gossips. Food is not just food to you, food is ART. You seek new food experiences as a hobby rather than simply eating out of hunger or convenience. If you relate to these, you sure as hell are a proud foodie and would relate to these too…

  1. *smells across 5 yards* IT’S BUTTER CHICKEN AT HOME TODAY!

You love your food and more than that, it’s smell. You have a habit of smelling everything before you eat it. There is absolutely no chance in the world that you won’t know that the food is not fresh. You can even tell all its ingredients, just by smelling it. Well, you are just proud of your strong sense of smell!

  1. Food is art! And art is everywhere!

You’re not like the people who only empty their wallets in a posh restaurant. You don’t judge the book by it’s cover, but that’s only restricted to FOOD. In fact, you have been to all the street food stalls to the 7-star restaurants in your city (or even farther) and appreciated all of them! And yes, you do act like critics sometimes, but that’s okay!

  1. I don’t need a doctor! I need Belgian Dark chocolate ice cream.

Whenever you’re sick or upset, all you think of is nice food. You know it’s your remedy. People need to understand that you only need some alone time with your ice cream and life will be good again tomorrow!

  1. You never get tired of recommending people where to go for the best of each type of food!

Trying almost all kinds of food has made you aware of all the places for each type of food. And all your friends rely on your choices when it comes to going out for lunch and dinners. LIKE A BOSS!

  1. People say PARTY! You hear FOOOD!

Night outs, parties, house parties, or anytime gatherings, you only care about the food there. It’s not that you don’t love your friends and family. It’s just that food is your life. And life over all!

  1. I’m not fat, I’m healthy. And cute.

It’s plain and simple annoying when someone lectures you about your weight. You know you’re not fat, you’re healthy. Sometimes cute too, well, at least your mom thinks so.

(Also, a tip for whenever people tell you to mind your weight, eat them with your food too. Or if they tell you about their diet plan, tell them “Be sad! And eat your lettuce!” )

  1. Where is all my money? OH! Look, there’s Burger King.

All your pocket money is going on food. Well, at least you don’t regret doing it. Your friends sometime complain about you spending, but you don’t seem to care. You are all happy with your burger.

  1. Sharing is definitely NOT caring!

You hate it when someone asks you too share your food. Then people crib about it like “It’s not a big deal if she took some fries!”. IT IS A BIG DEAL!

You’re not a miser . It’s just that, when it comes to your food, it is your one true love. And you absolutely refuse to share it with anyone else. (Sometimes, you don’t even let people smell your food!  After all, half the taste is in the smell. It’s normal.)

  1. You love experimenting!

You love going out to new places to taste new kinds of food! Be it Italian, Mexican or Continental, you love all of them. At least you know you need to try all of them before judging. So, you go to all the new places to eat.

  1. You cook too? Woah!

Cooking is your favorite past time. Though you only do it sometimes, but you are a pro at what you create. People around you are mad for your food. But you are your own boss, so people have to wait to taste heaven.

You believe food is ART and you are no less than an ARTIST.



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