Things around you which indicate that you live in a magic world

Secretly, all potterheads  (a term used for people who are crazy about Harry Potter) wish that the magic world is real, or they go to Hogwarts someday and get to eat that  meal, or even have someone like Sirius in their life.

Well, who knows if we really do live in a magic world? At least these things say so,

  • Animated Pictures.

Yes, this is real. There are animated picture frames in real which capture your favorite moments in a frame, forever. Just like a dream.

  • Never seen a troll in real life? Think again.

WWE players, duh! I know you never thought that way but think again. Aren’t they as gigantic, aggressive , naked and disgusting as WWE players. Well, maybe it’s all about perspective.

  • Password? “Caput Draconis”

All potterheads were so amazed by the way Harry Potter series had password protected dormitories. We even remember the password for the Gryffindor dormitories ‘Caput Draconis’. Never noticed really, but don’t we have password protected rooms too? Crazy, but true. Basically it is an electronic security lock system, in which they put different circuits and motors for stoppers and LCD screens. Some of the machines also have your retina and your heart beat pattern as the password. Magical.

  • Moving chess board exists!

The Magic self moving chess board really exist in real world. Confused?  Actually it is driven on electrical and/or magnetic force. Just like magic.

Scientists discovered an actual physical board which would listen to your commands move the chess pieces. Also, if you have no one to play with, you can play with the computer ! Awesome.

  • Quidditch is basically modified basketball!

Both the games have 5-7 players, who put together their blood and sweat and put the ball in the basket. Only difference being, in Quidditch the players are in the air, on their broomstick. Rest everything is more or less the same. Give it a thought!

  • And nonetheless, invisibility cloak is real! “Are you kidding me?”

Yes, scientists have already discovered a small piece of cloth which would interfere with the pattern of light, which falls on it and make it invisible to the naked eye. Chances are, that in the near future , they will  discover the whole of invisibility cloak, and it would be available to us. Woah!

In love with this world, all over again ?


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