The Significance of applying Tilak- Why, When and How?

While seeing a tilak on someone’s forehead, it is natural to raise the question that what is the benefit of that thing? Is it merely done for the sake of appearances in front of others or is there any scientific basis for holding Tilak? Actually, there is a spiritual feeling as well as a desire for other types of benefits.

It is generally the law of applying tilak of sandalwood, kumkum, mud, turmeric, incense etc. If someone wants to take advantage of putting a tilak but does not want to show it to others, then it is also mentioned in the scriptures. It is said that in this situation, water should be applied on the frontal with a tilak.

With tilak, people are directly benefited with some properties. The advantages of holding Tilak ahead are discussed:

  1. Tilak makes personality very effective. Actually, there is a psychological effect of tilak, because it enhances the confidence of the person and self-confidence.
  2. Applying Tilak regularly on the frontal head people feel calm and relaxed. It prevents many types of mental illness.
  3. Secretion of beta and endorphins in the brain occurs in a balanced way, which removes depression and stimulates the heart. This excitement puts people in good deeds.
  4. It reduces the problem of a headache.
  5. Applying turmeric containing tilak will make the skin pure. Turmeric contains anti-bacterial elements, which free from diseases.
  6. According to religious belief, the tilak of sandalwood is destroyed man’s sins. People avoid various kinds of crisis. According to astrology, Tilak imparts planetary peace.
  7.  It is believed that the house of sandalwood tilak is filled with food and wealth and good fortune increases.

Astrological significance

According to astrology, Tilak has many benefits. According to the astrological view, tilak on the forehead makes man’s personality effective, it makes the person’s chest sharper. It is believed that by imposing tilak, human sins are destroyed. Not only this, even in many kinds of planets, even the tilak on the forehead is effective, due to which many times the crisis is prevented. In addition, worship goals are achieved. The wish of the fruit of virtue is fulfilled.


Scientific Approach

From the scientific point of view, sandalwood is kept in mind by applying sandalwood oil. The brain has a balance of chemicals called serotonin and beta endopharm. Magnitude increases and there is no mental exhaustion disorder. The place where vaccine or tilak is applied in the mid-frontal front of the brain, this part is the intercession. According to the physiology, due to the location of the pineal gland, when the pineal gland is stimulated, there is a feeling of light within the brain. It has been certified by experiments, our sages knew well that the stimulation of the pineal grant would be the evolution of the order. For this reason, due to the prevalence of religious rituals, worship and vaccination in the work of Shubhakaryo, repeated stimulation of our body can stimulate the micro-ionization in our body. Perhaps the practice of applying teak to the head, except for India, is not in vogue. This custom is very ancient. It is believed that in the middle of the head of man, Vishnu is a resident of God, and Tilak is placed right at this place.

Psychological Approach

Tilak has also been considered useful in terms of psychology. The forehead is the central part of the face, where everyone’s eye is revealed. Tilak in the middle of it, especially in women, attempts to keep the viewer’s eyes closed. The women use the red kumkum tilak. This is not without purpose. The red color is a symbol of energy and strong behaviour. Tilak grows the beauty of women. Tilak is also associated with the worship of Goddess. After worshiping the Goddess, Tilak is applied on the forehead. Tilak is considered a symbol of Goddess’s blessings.


Types Of Tilak

Usually, Tilak is applied to many things such as sandalwood, kumkum, clay, turmeric, incense etc. In India, every sect uses different tilaks.

Sandalwood: By applying the sandalwood sandal, our brain remains calm and cool.

Kumkum: Kumkum’s Tilak worship is done during rituals.

Soil: By applying soil tilak, increase in intellect and virtue is achieved.

Turmeric: Applying turmeric tilak removes skin related defects and cleanses the skin.

Consumption: Tilak of incense is used to protect against evil eye.


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