The Most Enigmatic Places on Earth

[dropcap]T[/dropcap]here are many places around the world that are full of mysteries. Scientists have not solved the mysteries of many places till today, whereas the secrets of many places are partially solved, though research is still going on to reach the final result.

Like – some archaeological discoveries that scientists have done, surprised and disturbed, five mysterious structures: the truth which has not yet been known to the world, some unique and secluded places of the land like the Bermuda Triangle. Here in this post, you would be able to know about six such places. Some of these places have become a hotspot for tourists for the reason that they are so mysterious.

Moeraki Boulders, New Zealand

A pile of 12-12 feet of stones is not less than a mirror on a Koch beach located in the East Coast of South Island, New Zealand. This stone is like oyster and pearl in appearance. The construction of these stone shaped structures has been made in the millions of years by the solidification of four ocean and sand of many fossil or solid cheese. Such structures are found in many places, but this structure is found in the largest size here in Moeraki Boulders, New Zealand.

Pamukkale, Turkey

This place, in Pamukkale, Turkey, is a unique place in itself. There are 17 natural hot springs here. This natural hot spring has been here for thousands of years. The calcium carbonate is formed by exposure to the exterior air of the stainless mineral in the water of these waterfalls, which has been deposited in thousands of years on the banks of these waterfalls so that these water bodies have taken shape like swimming pool. The temperature of the water in these hot springs ranges from 37 degrees to 100 degrees. Taking this type of natural hot water is especially beneficial for our body, especially the skin. So here a lot of people come here for the same purpose.

Moving Stones – Death Valley, California

In California’s Death Valley, slippery slopes of stones have been made for NASA. Racetrack Playa which is 2.5 miles north to south and 1.25 miles east from west is exactly flat. But the stones scattered here move away from each other. There are more than 150 such stones here. However, no one saw them moving away from the eyes. In the winter season, these stones fall to more than 250 meters away.

In 1972 a team of scientists was formed to solve this mystery. The team named a group of stones and studied it for seven years. Around 317 kilograms of stone named Kerin did not shout. But when the scientists returned there a few years later, they found the distance to Kareen 1 km away. Now scientists believe that this happens due to high-speed winds.

Old Faithful, Yellowstone National Park

Yellowstone National Park meets the world’s most influential geysers. Primal Geyser is a kind of hot water fountain but in which the water comes out of the ground as a fountain. There are about 300 generic geysers in this park. But the most famous of these is the Old Faithful. It is the world’s highest hot water fountain. There is a regular explosion in it.  But the mood of the explosions in these days is a puzzle for the Taj geologists. Because there is no definite order of explosion in these.

Eternal Flame Falls, Orchard Park, New York

Here a small water flows, in which a burning flame is visible. The visitors are surprised to see how this flame is burning. After research, scientists came to know that methane gas was released from the bottom of the rocks. Perhaps at the beginning of the 20th century, somebody set fire to this methane gas. Since continuous burning. Even in India, there is a continuous burning of nine earthquakes in the temples of volcano goddess Jivamukti Devi, one of the main Shakti Peeth of Swith Mata in Kangra of Himachal Pradesh.

Chocolate Hills, Philippines

Chocolate Hills is Bohol’s most famous and popular place. People come from far away to see it. This mountain is in a triangular size. Chocolate Hills is as high as 1268 mountains. It is surrounded by grasslands all around. Its color changes in some time. Many times it becomes brown in color from chocolate. But mostly it looks like a chocolate color. That’s why it’s named Chocolate Hills. The story behind the formation of these hills was that of a very strange creature named Arogo, a simple girl who was madly in love with Eloya. But for some reason, Eloya died. After this, the erogo cried and his tears fell and became stagnant. From this, it became a mountain which talks about its misery.

Earth has always been a mysterious planet since its very existence, we as a living creature on this planet should explore it.

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