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Sure Ways to Crack the IES Exam

[dropcap]I[/dropcap]ES Exam or the Indian Engineering Services Exam is one of the many exams conducted by the UPSC of Indian Government. It is a mix of both written test and interview session. You get allotted to the job provided based on your area of expertise. In order to achieve that point, you need to crack the IES Exam. The written test is a mix of MCQs and essay based questions for 1200 marks and it is conducted over 3 days and a total of 12 hrs each. There are 6 written tests and an interview session. The papers are based on your area of expertise such as Mechanical, Civil, Electrical or Telecommunications.

The IES Exam is generally conducted during the month of June and the application forms are out in the month of March. It is not an easy exam to crack and even if you did, there are 2 more hurdles to overcome- the Interview or the Personality Test and the number of available vacancies. Though a lot of students and aspirants write this exam, only a few manage to crack it and get placed in a government job. There are conventional papers and objective papers to be answered.

So, how to get over this test already? Are there any ways in which the focus and motivation can be streamlined? Can you crack the IES Exam? The answer for these questions is that you can definitely crack this exam and make things easier if you follow these tips. Based on experience, these are the things that can make an impact on your performance and presentation in the IES Exam.

Tips to Make IES Exam seem easy are:

This might be something we have been hearing since we were kids. But, the practicality of this statement knows no bounds. As the paper is subjective, you need to know your stream very well. Almost like the back of your hand. When you stick to your basics, analysis becomes easy and you can break down any situation to its roots in a minute. So, don’t ever think of leaving your foundation. That is what makes the difference.

There are books and question papers for the students of every stream that can apply for this exam. Each book is area specific and targets the main points of interests. These books are available in the stores as well as online. You have multiple options and you can choose your guide and workbook and work with it. Take tests every now and then. Get to know the different kinds of questions that can be asked.

Keep your friends close and your enemies closer. A very common saying. Here, your strengths are your friends and the weaknesses, your enemies. Keep track of how you are fairing your weak areas. The constant tests can help you keep an eye on the areas you need to focus on. Keep revising your strengths and keep practicing on things you find to be your weakness. You cannot let your weaknesses pull you down. Overcome them- don’t ignore.

There is no use stressing yourself over these kinds of exams. The only way to do this is to prepare well and keep calm. Don’t lose your cool ever. Eat healthy and learn to calm your mind and reflexes. Do not panic and get chilly the minute you see something out of the ordinary. Sleep well and don’t stay up too late for these things can affect your performance directly. Be well groomed. Appearances can be deceptive but that is what first strikes the eyes of the people. Wear nice clothes to the interview and be confident about your own self.

The medium of exam is generally in English and it is a big deal to get your grammar and syntax right. The essays you write and the way you communicate with the interviewees can make a big difference. Be elaborate and concise at the same time. Hit the areas of importance rather than beating around the bush. If you are not quite great at the language, you can work on it and improve for the better.

Misread questions can cost a lot and can you can get your moves wrong. Always read the question twice and concentrate on what is asked of you.

Don’t waste time on questions you don’t know. Start answering questions you know really well and get it done as soon as possible and then go on to the questions you find to be difficult. Know your time and act accordingly.

During the last couple of months, focus and concentrate on this. Try to spend lesser time outside and befriend your materials. The more knowledge you gather, the better it is for you. Do not deviate from your ultimate goal.

Once you get through the written test, you need to face the interview. Your interviewees are no monsters and you can act a little less tensed. Be confident about whatever you say and also be humble enough to accept mistakes and rectify them.

These are the tips to crack the IES Exam for all the aspirants and Engineering Grads who wish to work for the Government and serve the people.

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