Nowadays being an ENTREPRENEUR is trending. Every individual wants a business of his own. People want to be the BOSS of their own. But we are not getting any proper platform to show our potential and ideas to this fast moving world. Entrepreneurship is all about living a few years of your life like no one else will, to lead the rest of your life like no one else can. So keeping in mind, E-cell club, RVCE conducted an event where students and the newbies can present their ideas of a new start-up. The event was named as E-SUMMIT which got the sponsorship from the tech giant GOOGLE.

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The Entrepreneurship Cell laid a crucial role in developing the Entrepreneurial flame in growing minds!  E-SUMMIT was a well strategically planned and positioned event, the Summit was the most eagerly awaited event for RVCE.A plethora of star-studded events, panel discussions and talks added crucial spark to it. Upholding the true spirit of Entrepreneurship, a range of competitions, pitching sessions, workshops and a lot more were organized which gives immense competitive spirit and true vigor to the Summit.

Events like: Business Marathon, Pitch Perfect, Mock IPL Auction and much more were organized. The events were quite good but the highlighting part was the TALK with SPEAKERS. They invited speakers like ADHI KESARLA (CFA, GOOGLE), ANNIE MATHEW (DIRECTOR, MICROSOFT) and much more. They got the speakers from the start-ups so that the newbies can get a chance of interacting with the start-up builders and they can share their experience of building of their start-up. The whole event was a great success and was accomplished its goal of promoting entrepreneurship.


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