Problems still GIRLS face in India…

India, a developing country! The place is growing like a beast. With all its resources and labor force, gradually it’s preparing itself to fight the world, evidence of which can be seen in the last decade. The country has turned upside down in development and is still continuing to maintain the pace.

This was the bookish information. But, are the people really growing? To me,  a country doesn’t grow only with better infrastructure and better job vacancies, the core requirement is for the people to change their thinking! And that hasn’t happened for sure. Here are some issues girl still face in India:

  1. *Girl walks out of home* Get ready for eve teasing!

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It’s a shameful thing to say but it’s true! Most of us don’t even consider it as an offense as we’re so used to it. It’s like a daily routine. People stare, pass idiotic and offensive comments, not funny, really. Guess we’ve learned to ignore.


  1. Watch your clothes! Watch your tongue! Urgghh…

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You should learn to talk softly or even not talk back at all, if you stay in India, or get ready to get shouted on every day!


  1. What will the society say?

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I know we live in a society and no one shall be harmed because of you. But how does it make sense to think about the society before doing everything? Going out with your friends, drinking, and smoking, wearing short dresses, marrying when you want, or even burping! Society, may I breathe?


  1. 22nd birthday! Yayyy, you should get married now.

It’s absolutely necessary for a girl to marry early. According to the Weird Indian logic, my younger brother can’t marry me. Dude, why you no have brains?


  1. Haww! You don’t how to cook! What kind of a girl are you?

Where is it mentioned that I need to learn cooking if I’m a girl? I don’t know how to cook, and I’m happy this way. Let me be.


  1. Judgemental people ALERT!

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*Someone’s car crashed* “Must be a girl driver!”

Calculations, check again! They say pretty girls often make mistakes in calculations. You’re a police inspector.” So.? But you’re a girl.

Urgh! Aren’t you just sick of hearing such stuff everywhere? People, grow up, please?


  1. All your friends are guys! Why can’t you make friends with girls? S**t

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I really don’t understand how can you judge friends on the basis of gender. We don’t make friends with their gender, we connect with them mentally. It’s awful when people judge you on that basis.


  1. Going out at night? Take your brother along!

I don’t even know if guys are there to keep an eye on us, or make our lives more difficult. “Trust me, my younger brother can’t take care of me the way you think he would.” We can carry ourselves well enough only if you trust us.


  1. Dear relatives, GIVE ME A BREAAAAK!

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Not just the typical ‘what’s your grade’ and ‘you’ve grown fat’ kind of irritating comments, us girls face a lot trauma more than that! They are more worried about our marriage than where I work. They are worried about what I wear, about th pictures I post on social media, everything.  Dude, I need a break.


Ps. We love our country. We only want you to get to thinking if the ancient norms and cultures still prevail in the country!

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