Power of Subconscious Mind

[dropcap]O[/dropcap]ne of the most intriguing thing about our body is the functioning of our mind and its power.

Before diving into the topic, let’s have a brief description of our mind.

Our mind is majorly made up of two kind of states:

1. Conscious

2. Subconscious

The conscious mind is that part of our brain which is active while we are in awaken state. It is the thinking and creative mind.

The Subconscious mind is that part of our mind which lies dormant most of the time but has a great potential if you properly harness its capabilities.It is active when we do anything without thinking and more out of habit.It stores all the data, memories and thoughts.

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Our voluntarily actions come under our conscious mind but our involuntary actions, the actions out of habit, where we don’t have to think before acting comes under our unconscious mind.

How these two are related and how they work together?

Think of your subconscious mind as incredibly fertile soil that will grow any seed you plant in it. Your habitual thoughts and beliefs are seeds that are being constantly sown. Just as corn kernels produce corn and wheat seeds produce wheat, the contents of your thoughts will have an effect in your life. You will reap what you sow; this is a law.

Your conscious mind is like the gardener that tends to the soil. It’s your responsibility to be aware of how this process works, choosing wisely what reaches the inner garden — your subconscious. For most, our role as gardener has never been explained. By not knowing this role, we have allowed seeds of all types – good and bad – to enter our subconscious.

The subconscious doesn’t discriminate, judge, or censor. It will manifest success, abundance, and health just as easily as failure, ill health, and misfortune. Your subconscious accepts what is impressed upon it with feeling and repetition, whether these thoughts are positive or negative. It does not evaluate things like your conscious mind does. This is why it is so important to be aware of what you are thinking. This is one reason it’s important to harness the power of positive thinking.

Your subconscious mind is subjective. It does not think or reason independently; it merely obeys the commands it receives from your conscious mind.

Your conscious mind commands and your subconscious mind obeys.



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Your subconscious mind is an unquestioning servant that works day and night to make your behavior fits a pattern consistent with your emotionalized thoughts, hopes, and desires. Your subconscious mind grows either flowers or weeds in the garden of your life, whichever you plant by the mental equivalents you create.

Your subconscious mind has what is called a homeostatic impulse. It keeps your body temperature at 98.6 degrees Fahrenheit, just as it keeps you breathing regularly and keeps your heart beating at a certain rate. Through your autonomic nervous system, it maintains a balance among the hundreds of chemicals in your billions of cells so that your entire physical machine functions in complete harmony most of the time.

Your subconscious mind also practices homeostasis in your mental realm, by keeping you thinking and acting in a manner consistent with what you have done and said in the past.

All your habits of thinking and acting are stored in your subconscious mind. It has memorized all your comfort zones and it works to keep you in them.

Your subconscious mind causes you to feel emotionally and physically uncomfortable whenever you attempt to do anything new or different or to change any of your established patterns of behavior. The sense of fear and discomfort are psychological signs that your subconscious has been activated. But it’s been working to establish those behavior patterns in the background long before you’ll ever notice such feelings.

The tendency to commit to these patterns is one reason why habits can be so hard to break. However, when you learn to purposefully create such patterns, you can harness the power of positive thinking and purposefully instill new comfort zones to which your subconscious will adapt.

You can feel your subconscious pulling you back toward your comfort zone each time you try something new. Even thinking about doing something different from what you’re accustomed to will make you feel tense and uneasy.

Hence,to break out of the comfort zone and achieve something you desire, it is important to control your subconscious mind and let it be in sync with your conscious mind.

1. Change your thinking process: think positively and believe in yourself.

2. Repeat your goals: whatever you want to achieve. Repeat it to yourself twice or thrice in a day.

3.Consistent efforts: work towards your goals

4. Repeat all these things: not getting what you want and hence stopped? Training the unconscious mind is a hard and long-term process.

So if you want to reap its benefits, you have to put in constant and have faith in it.

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