Planning to Hire Remote Intern for Startup? Here’s what you should know

At present many companies offer work from home internships, Work culture is getting changed. Many people prefer work from home either due to long distance, family, or maybe they find comfortable working in own space. College students has the best opportunity working from home, with this they learn many new things.

If you are a Startup and planning to hire Remote Interns then don’t hesitate just go for it. Read out this article to know ways which will ease your process once hired.

Best Ways to manage remote team includes few key points, and once you know it you are all set to hire remote interns!

Use Effective Communication Tool for Task Management

Today we have many options to use tools like Asana, Producteev, Slack and many more. Use any one from them and include your interns into it. Assign task, take updates, set deadline. This will keep all communication in one place and it will be in an organized manner. So what are you waiting for. Signup to any such tools you like. Effective Communication is key to success in dealing with interns or full time employee. You can also use Skype to conduct online meetings.

Meet in person if possible

You can ask your team to meet in person if possible as this will give your team strong bonding that no Video calls tool can do. No Digital Technology can beat the physical existence. You can arrange a well planned meeting for them. This will also increase engagement in team. Its your duty to make them feel they are equally a part of firm as full time employee are as they also give best performance working remotely.

Get Team in Office

It’s good to hire remote interns, but you will also require resources to handle them. 2-3 interns can be easily handled but with time if count increases then you should definitely think about hiring resource in office and get work done. Your team will handle everything working from office. Give remote interns an offer if they are really doing a good job. Hire them in your company.

I hope this Article has given few glimpse about what key things you should focus on. Do let me know your view in comment section below.

Happy Reading Everyone!

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