Places in India for Adventure Junkies


I know, sometimes Trekking can be too tedious. Thank god for hiking, right? If you are looking for a somewhat relaxed trek where you want to take in the bliss of the mountainous winds, then Hiking is your thing. Perfect for a one-two day getaway in a romantic adventurous activity. Here are few best ones.

Tiger Hills, Darjeeling:

Boasting one of the best sunrise scenes in the country, Tiger Hills Darjeeling is like heaven on Earth. Any person who goes to Darjeeling makes it a point to be at the Hill. Alongside the scenery, you can also see the main attraction of the Tiger Hills, the view of India’s Highest peak, Kunchenjunga.

Chembra Peak, Kerela:

From West Bengal we head south straight to Kerela, a state with great beaches and backwaters. But that is not all. The Chembra peak is one of the highest peak in western ghats and the highest peak in Wayanad Hills. It is also a 1-2 day hike, depending upon your speed. But you need prior permission from the local authorities.

Anamalai Hills, Western Ghats:

Anamala hills/ Anamalai hills/ The Elephant Mountains, name it whatever you want. These peaks in the western Ghats lie south of Nilgiris and are about 8000 feet high. With plenty to see, it has coffee and tea plantations, wildlife sanctuaries, national parks, waterfalls and much more.

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