Places in India for Adventure Junkies

Bungee Jumping:

Wahooooo!!! Feel the rush of gravity of dropping down at a sheer almost free-fall. Feel wind striking on your face, bungee jumpers. You do not need to go abroad to have a good bungee jumping experience. Our country has it all. And surprisingly they are all over the country. Here are few of best ones.

Della Adventures, Lonavala:

Lonavala is the perfect getaway for every Mumbaikar and Punekar. The Della Adventure Park only adds to the reason of being a getaway. The jump is about 150 feet and is known to be reliable. In-fact the is one big haven for every adventure junkie.

Mohan Chatti, Rishikesh:

In the state of Uttarakhand, a small village of Mohan Chatti near Rishikesh has one of the best Bungee Jumping experiences. With a height of 83 meters that look directly down to the Hyul river, getting closer to the rocky river as you jump from the cantilever. It also offers other activities.

Gravity Adventure Zone, Goa:

Yes obviously, how can Goa miss out on Bungee Jumping. One of the best tourist places in India where the state is loaded with activities to do and beaches to roam and swim. The jump is of about 25 meters, not high enough I know, But good for first-timers.

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