Places in India for Adventure Junkies

India is a young country, having an average age of 26. And the youth is full of adrenaline rush. WE love outdoor activities and adventure. There are always plan for a trek or a kayak ride in minds of Indian Youth. We have great places in India where you can have the experiences of great outdoor activities. Activities like hiking, river rafting, bungee jumping, surfing. paragliding, etc. Here are places in India every Adventure Junkie should know.

PS: I will be listing 3 best places in my opinion for the given activities.


Do you have the stomach to best mountains? Are you ready for slogging and climbing but a blissful experience, disconnected from the world? Amidst the fresh air and chilly winds, one tends to forget the struggle of the trek. The beautiful night star light skies and campfires are experience to behold for lifetime.

Siang Valley, Arunachal Pradesh:

Located at the very border of the country, the Siang Valley is one of the most beautiful places to be for trekkers. The trek is of about 7-8 places and usually starts at Dibrugarh. The valley has beautiful mountains and the Tsang Po river of Tibet, that later joins Brahmaputra.

Markha Valley, Ladakh:

From the easternmost parts of the country to the northernmost. We all know Ladakh was a no brainer when in comes to outdoor activities. The trek is difficult and is up-to 7 days roughly. It goes through the Hemis National Park where you can witness exotic wildlife too along with the canyons and high passes.

Valley of Flowers, Uttarakhand:

The name speaks for the beauty of the location. Not as frigid as Ladakh, but a great trek nonetheless. It is one of the most beautiful places in the country. Also having a national park, where Asiatic Black bears, Snow-Leopard and several other animals can be seen. A short trek that takes about 4 days.

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