A very simple yet complex term. I saw a picture a few days back in which there were two people sitting on the same bus, opposite to each other. One was enjoying the view of greenery and was happy about it and on the contrary, the other one was sad as he was having the view of rocks, and this is ironic. I mean according to the person who interpreted that picture the view of trees was better than rocks though both are part of nature but for me, it is that we can witness this greenery anywhere in parks but the view of rocks is rare, only possible in hilly areas.


So that was my viewpoint, but in general also, what was the fault of that person who got that seat on the bus that he had a rocky view, or it can be like the sad one was not able to appreciate what he got unlike the happier one. Basically, it’s all about perception, sometimes situations go beyond our control and it’s not us who chose them, in fact, they chose us. Moreover, I firmly believe it’s really bad if you are being judgemental, I condemn such people who judge others. You don’t like someone cool, let it be, it’s that simple. No one is asking for your opinion. It’s with all of us we have no idea about the exact story, incidents, events that transform a person, the intention or reason behind what he did or how he react. All we are always ready is to judge like everyone wants to become a critic these days, especially those who are themselves hollow from inside. Who gives you the authority to become a critic or to impose rules or to spread rumors, about others,  go get a life. This is solely the reason that our generation has turned pathetic, it’s high time we really need to break the tyranny.

It’s all about us.

I have seen people who pretend to lead a life of values and when it comes to them all their rules drained away. Yes situations are not in our control but we can control our actions, it is always within us, all we need is some time to explore and understand. Mistakes or a bad past do not mean your life is over, it’s all in the present if you feel pride in yourself then chuck the world. Because when you are right no one remembers, and when you are wrong no one forgets. Stop expecting from others, all you need is yourself,  take your time, your actions and eventually your good time will be a big slap on their faces.
It’s better to walk alone in the right direction than walking with a crowd in the wrong direction. I agreed that half of our problems are due to good for nothing judgemental assholes who pretends to be your good-wishers. Let it be It’s not your fault, and you cannot help it, even you don’t need to. Just do your work as success comes from experience and experience comes from bad experience. If you are not able to make it now, then don’t give up, first of all, learn to ignore the world, then believe in yourself. You have all your time, hustle and get ready to taste the glory. You can and you will, end of story……………..
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