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Today, shiva Kumar Nagendra is working with a Bengaluru-based setup, graduated from IIM Calcutta.

Shiva Kumar Nagendra’s parents had moved to Bengaluru 25 years back from Mysore. His father was a truck driver who met a severe road accident that made him paralyzed for about three years. The family began facing money related issues. His mother still tries hard to earn money by making garlands so that Shiva and his sister could sell them in order to earn a livelihood. But it wasn’t sufficient to.  So Shiva started delivering daily newspapers, as it was a morning job it doesn’t affect his studies. Struggles never end up so easily, another hurdle come when education costs went up with time, but he never lose hope and started working in a restaurant and as a technician to cover the surge up.

His success started when at one peaceful-calm morning, he inquired a man waiting for a newspaper if he could wash his car at evening for some extra cash.” He replied positively. So that evening, while washing his car, he marshaled up the bravery to ask, “Sir, I require Rs 15,000 to pay my school expenses.” The man was shocked and moved back. Shiva convinced the man and recommended him to visit his school and inquire he also added, “you can pay fees directly there, I will be grateful.”

Turning Point:

On the very next day, Krishna Veda Vyasa who turns Shiva future into bright went by Shiva’s school and found that he had been a class topper for the years. Being convinced, he told Shiva, ‘I’ll deal with all your training costs. You just need to concentrate on your studies and don’t stop!

So Shiva carried on his monotonous routine alongside his studies and started working harder. He began a daily newspaper delivery office, stood up for his class 10 exams and topped again. Further, he went ahead to get a seat at the Bangalore Institute of Technology (BIT) worked harder and was soon offered a vocation by Wipro.

But “Vyas uncle, a business visionary, suspected that taking up the employment would get him a fixed salary for no doubt, however it wouldn’t change his life and end up here only.” He demanded Shiva to seek for higher studies if he wants to grow more. Shiva was in a confusing state. He didn’t know how to break the news to his parents as they need money. But he gathered courage and revealed to them that he wanted to decline the offer, they asked him to work for a couple of years. Shiva attempted to disclose them that how in long run an IIM/IAS studies have obviously better future prospects. Later, his parents agreed.

Further studies:

By now Shiva decided to appear in Common Admission Test (CAT). Mr Vyasa helped Shiva in admitting him into an institute. Now, Shiva was adjusting his designing classes, his MBA classes, and his quick growing daily paper office. The day when CAT results were expected to be out, he was very anxious and nervous. Despite the fact that he had the Wipro work close by, he needed to stroll through the doors of an IIM. And when he came to know that he cracked CAT and got admission at IIM Calcutta, his happiness was on a ninth level!

At first, he finds hard to handle the place as it was hard to coordinate and compete for the level there. As per his experience he never felt disgraced, Individuals at IIM regarded where he originated from and all that he had done to get where he had come to. For a long time, he woke up at 4 a.m. and rested at midnight as there was more of workload and after all, he wasn’t born with a silver spoon. No matter, he needs to work hard for what he needs. By this year Shiva moved from IIM and is working with a Bengaluru-based startup. According to him, Life will attempt to thumb you down on every step it relies upon that how solid you are to get up and battle back.

Once hard work and determination can lead you to where you want, all you need is patience and hard work.



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