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#Netflix everywhere!

Netflix, the popular American Multinational provider of on demand Internet streaming, at the ongoing CES decided to expand to over 100 countries. It is, as said, the largest Internet TV network, showing what’s new anytime, anywhere, on any device. The CEO, Reed Hastings, cofounded Netflix in 1997. Since then, it’s been a huge success, as we all know it. (Because chilling at home, watching Netflix, having popcorn on a cold winter night, under you blanket with your loved ones, is an ideal date).

It’s easy to count the countries where Netflix is not available than countries in which it is.  They are:

North Korea

Imagine! Just four countries in the whole world, needless to mention the countries it is available in!

The company gives you the liberty to immediately subscribe for one month, as a trial and also give up on your subscription anytime you want. They say it’s free but they do charge 70 bucks from your account as international transaction.  After a month, it’s a sum of 500 bucks for a basic package. An extra of 150 bucks on that, which makes it 650 bucks for HD quality and 300 extra, which makes it 800, for Ultra HD quality is also available.

Right now, the content in India is quite limited but continuous improvements are on it, for better versions. So all you need to know is that you could download it on any Android or ios device.

You don’t need to buy it for everyone in your family. You buy the subscription for one person in the family, and share the account with multiple people. So you have multiple accounts. That way, multiple people can manage different accounts in their own ways. It also gives you the liberty of hiding the contents you want from children or other members of the family. Pretty cool!

With new competitors in the Indian market, will come new offers and better internet services. All in all, it’s party time for the customers.


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