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Whenever your heart asks your mind, What is life?

Tell it, it is nothing but a synonym of struggle and strife?

A struggle that every human has to face.

A torment that almighty has placed in mankind’s place.

A beacon that all of us have to inflict.

But, it also remains true that through our caliber,

We can achieve both fame and favour.


If you vide your life with honour and veneration,

Then, who is there, to stop you from Capturing your destination.




You can make your life saddled with profusion,

Of success by your own prudence and creation!

Never be afraid of failures, they are a present of god,

To make you endeavour for getting, more than what you have got!


Failures help you to tab the sense of boast and flattery.

So, they can rightly be said, the pillars of your victory.

Hence try, try and try again and again,

One day every comfort of life, you will gain.

But all this can be achieved, if and only if struggle is your life,

Be ready to face , struggles and Strive!

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