Karvaan 2k17!

Well, DU colleges are very well known for their extraordinary college annual fest. So here’s a glimpse of one of those colleges ‘Shaheed Rajguru College of Applied Sciences for Women’. Rajguru’s Karvaan-as the name suggest is like the Indian Karvaan of fun, events, dance and ultimate fun.


This year, the fest took place on 7th and 8th of March. Two days of mesmerizing performances, awesome fun events, singing, fashion, what not! The fest actually depicted the hard work of the Student Council of the College. Day 1 broke with Cadenza or the Solo Singing Competition. A huge footfall was awaited at the opening of this two-day breath-taker.


The girls practically managed to get everything in shape and not only in shape but did everything so damn elegantly, that the fest turned out to be a huge success. What can anyone expect from a college fest that is so damn cool? Well, the answer is quite simple food and entertainment and if you get a DJ night and Star night, then yep it’s just cherry on the cake. So yeah singing was a part of it but that’s not all! Kinesthesia-the choreography competition actually turned out to be radiating a blast of energy and excitement from not only the participants but also from the audiences itself. Small events liking JAM (Just a Minute) were organized so there wasn’t any space for boredom to fill in. What’s more-Everyone loves events like Paper dance, so yeah it was a part of the fest on both the days, organized by the NSS Society of the College. Street Plays, Photography, and Arts events were a part of day 1. To lavish day 1, the last event that took place was- well yeah nothing’s better than live bands performing, so yep it was BATTLE OF BANDS followed by DJ night. Day 1 ended with a spark and ensured the excitement to be followed the next day.


Day 2 broke with yet another heart-warming set of the events. Dancellenium 2.0 or solo dancing, Vogue-The Fashion show were the day highlights.

Other than big tempting events, there was another set of tempting things-yep you guessed it right –the food. The food stall had everything you can imagine in a real Karvaan mela. But, nevertheless, the most awaiting time was of the evening, when the Star night was about to begin. The Star invited this year were none other than the flamboyant, dazzling Punjabi hunks Jassie Gill and Babbal Rai. They literally set the stage on fire. The show was started by Babbal Rai and Jassie Gill joined him in the show. Their songs, man, literally were nothing less than a melody. The dance began as soon as they started the show over their beats. After that only, songs like ‘Bapu Zamindar’, ‘Jat Yamla Pagla Deewana’ with other Punjabi songs was heard with the shooting and tip toes of the crowd in the sync. All in that night was literally the star night of the fest.



That night, Day 2 of Karvaan 2k17 wrapped up the thrilling excitement of Karvaan for this year.

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