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Java a general purpose object oriented programming language .It is a very important mile stone in the era of development. It brought a remarkable change in our life style . What made it very special ? Why it became very popular ? Let us see..

Today everyone of us are familiar to internet and what all the information  we want we can get through it. But if we go some decades back we cannot hear a word like net web and all . How do all these came into our life let us go to the past …

How java is created?

During those days when the software industry is still in a development stage there are languages like C,C++ ,which are tied to a particular hardware or operating system. Thee  are not much reliable and portable .At that time around 1990 there is a company in USA called SUN Microsystems. It has team of three members which is known as green team whose members are James Gosling, Mike sheradian Patrick Naughton. This team is led by James Gosling. They aimed at developing a software for consumer electronic devices like Television, VCR’s and some other devices. After working for an year they created a new language with some features of C and C++ but much more simple compact and reliable than C and C++ . They named it a Oakbut this name is already a trade mark for a company in USA called Oak enterprises. Finally after many thoughts and arguments it was finally renamed as Java in the year1995. Famous companies like Microsoft and Netscape announced their support to the team and gradualdevelopment of java took place. Now let us see the year wise development of java.

In the year 1993 green team came up with an idea of developing web applets with their new language which would run on all systems that are connected to internet

In the year 1994 they developed a web browser called hot java to locate and run applet programmes on internet .

In 1995 oak was renamed as java. Companies like Microsoft  and Net scape announced their support to java

Versions of java


23rd Jan emerges as a general

purpose object oriented

Programming language.Sun

releases  first version of java as

Java Development Kit 1.0(JDK).

19thFeb 1997.    Sun releases Java Development Kit 1.1(JDK 1.1).

8thDec  1998.    Sun releases JDK1.2 .Which is Codenamed as playground .Sun releases java 2platform

Standard Edition (J2SE) and Enterprise Edition.

8thMay 2000.     Sun releases J2SE 1.3  with SDK which is codenamed as Kestrel.

13th Feb 2002.     J2SE1.4 is released which is Codenamed as Merlin.

29th Sep 2004.     J2SE1.5 is released which is Codenamed as Tiger.

12th Dec 2006.      J2SE 1.6 is released which is Codenamed as Mustang.

28th July 2011.      J2SE 1.7 is released which  Codenamed as Dolphin.

Sept 2013.             8th version of java is released.

March 2017.         9th version of java will be Released.

In 2018 Oracle is planning to release 10th version of java.

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Features of Java….

Till now we have discussed the development of Java now let us discuss thefeatures which had drawn the attention of everyone towards her.

Platform independent and Portable

2.Object oriented


  1. Robust


  1. Dynamic

7.High performance

  1. Distributed
  2. Versatile and interactive


1.Platform independent and Portable

The main reason why java became more popular is its portability . Once compiled  a

Java program can run anywhere anytime if there is internet. Many computers in the world are connected to each other. For programs to be dynamically downloaded to all platforms which are z to internet a portable, executable code is  needed . Java serves for this purpose.

Object Oriented

Although java had many qualities similar to its predecessors unlike them it is not designed as a source code but it is truly an object oriented language . All program code and data reside with in objects and classes arranged in packages .


Since this language has many features of her ancestors (C,C++) , one who have knowledge regarding C,C++ can easily learn Java . In fact

The most confusing part of C,C++ such as pointers preprocessor header files ,gotostatement and many others are eliminated making java more simple . Only a small number of closely defined ways are present in java to accomplish given task.


Robust means strong . This feature pushed Gosling to name this language as Oak(Oak is a symbol of strength in USA).It has a strict compile and run time for checking all data types .It has an automatic garbage collecting , strong memory management.


There is threat of viruses and abuse of resources for programming on internet .Most of the user still worried about the possibility of infecting with viruses and malicious programs which can gather the information about our bank details or anything which is important . Java answers thus by creating firewall between networked application and computer . The main reason for this feature of Java is absence of pointer . This ensures that programs cannot gain access to memory location without proper authorization.


Java is capable of dynamically linking in new class libraries, methods and objects . Java programs can carry with them substantial amounts of runtime information that is used to verify and resolve access to objects at runtime.

High performance

Intermediate bytecode of java is responsible for its high performance . It has a comparable speed with native C and C++. It is designed to reduce overheads during runtime.


Java is designed for distributed environment of internet . This distributed nature enables multiple programmers at multiple remote locations  to collaborate and work together.

Multi thread and Interactive

Java supports multi thread programs which means one can do multiple tasks at a time .

In simple words e can say that it makes system versatile. This feature greatly improves the interactive performance of graphical applications.

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Hidden Magic in Java….

The hidden magic in java to solve both the security and portable is the output of java is a non executable code. Rather it is a byte code . A byte code is a highly optimized set of instructions designed to be executed by java run time system, which is Java VirtualMachine.

Modern languages are designed to be compiled

not interpreted because of performance concerns. However the fact that java program

is executed by JVM solves problems associated with downloading programs over internet.

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