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Important Things Only the Real World can Teach You

Life is just like a good book, the more you read it the more it will make sense and will make you fall in love each day. The first standard to twelfth standard, graduation to post-graduation, we all have crossed certain levels in our life to finally step in the real world and become successful. After all, this is what we are taught from childhood that school learning and getting a degree is what will make us successful and happy in life. No doubt school teaches us many things like reading, writing, kindness, good behavior etc, but there are few things you only learn when you step out in the real world. Check out this article to discover important things only the real world can teach you.

Important Things Only the Real World can Teach You

1.) Believing in Yourself is all you Need

From childhood only we are leaning on others shoulder for support. But once you complete your schooling and graduate, you realize that all you need is to believe in yourself. There are always people who have hundred percent confidence in you and there are those people also who will discourage you at each step. It is the real world that teaches you that once you believe in yourself, no one can stop you from chasing your dreams and achieving it.

2.) Classroom Never Teaches you Humanity and Generosity

From first standard to twelfth standard, there is one period fixed in most of the schools. It is the morals science period designed for teaching the students morals and values. But do you think humanity and generosity are values which you can learn just by sitting behind the desk in a classroom. No, you only learn it by life experiences and it’s your integrity and heart that drives you to make decisions in different situations. Humanity, kindness, benevolence, sympathy are qualities that are nowadays missing in people. No one can teach you these qualities till your heart want to learn. Only life experiences will teach you the qualities of humanity and generosity. So, just venture in the real world and keep faith on yourself.

3.) Life teaches you to be Independent

When you have money, it’s easy to be independent. But it’s the lord test to be independent when you have nothing. Once you are out of school and move to another place for your further studies, you realize, your parents and teachers are no more to guide you. You need to take care of yourself. You need to be independent and strong enough to handle yourself and fight the battle alone.

4.)  Everything is Bound to End

Thoughts, people, emotions and scenery and everything is temporary in this world. Don’t get attached, just go with the flow. Experiences teach us that nothing last forever. If things are good enjoy it because it won’t be forever and if things are not going right, just relax, it will also not last forever. Sometime we ruin our future for temporary things. So, next time you are in pain, things are not going right, you feel alone and depressed, remember all this is just temporary. It is all the power of time.

5.) You will come Face to Face with Your Fears

We all are scared of several things in life, things which we never want to face. But it is the real world that teaches you one or the other day; you need to face your fears. In life, there will be several things that will terrify you. Losing the person you loved the most, getting termination letter from your office, going far from home etc etc. This is the point when you realize that you can’t escape the fear so you need to walk with it.

6.) Relationships are Important

No matter how independent you become, there are certain life situations when you need someone to be at your side, to help you cope with the pain and to stand again. It is the real world that teaches you that you can’t make it alone every time. Life and experience also teaches you the importance of forgiving someone. You just can’t stay with burned bridges throughout your life.

7.) Everything is planned and it works in that Way

You enter the real world once you are out of the college. It makes you realize you are still learning, changing and growing. There are certain situations in life you keep on stressing about. Remember one thing that everything is not in your control. With age and time, you realize things you used to worry about just turned out to be fine. So relax and stop worrying about things that are out of your control.

8.) Always be ready with Plan B and C

Plans are useless but planning is everything. We all you have perfectly planned our lives in the coming 5 to 10 years. A big bungalow, a good job, loving family and peace, this is the perfect blueprint of the life you imagine. But life does not always go the way you actually planned it. It is the real world that teaches you to always be ready with plan b and c.

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