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There is a very famous saying by a German Architect, Walter Gropius “Architecture is where engineering ends”.  Architects are not just concerned with the design of a building, but the environment as a whole.Architecture is about the making of places where people spend their lives. We have all heard that food, clothing, and shelter are the basic necessities of life. A civilization thrives on its architecture. It has been evident in the past that, visualize better the architecture, the more successful the civilization.

Architects have an innate quality of farsightedness. The way ar chit visualize our environment is remarkable. According to Guinness Book of World Records 2011, architecture has been chosen as the toughest course in the world. It has 64 university exams, 174 assignments, 40 plus major projects within 5 years, which is 1200 working days, plus 2 years, that is1000 working days, work experience.

Sounds tough? Fret not. A course in architecture is very interesting. Unlike traditional colleges where you must log yourself in study galleries and libraries, writing and reading all the time, a course in architecture gives you the freedom to use the right side of your brain, the creative and innovative part. You get a lot of opportunities to showcase your vision and ingenuity while designing structures.It is a supremely diverse subject. It is easy to define architecture but the word has far deeper meaning than it indicates.Every building is poles apart. Every project is different. There is absolutely no monotony in the profession. The thrill and the challenge of work are nerve-racking, to say the least.

Architecture is a very high paying field. This is because creativity never goes out of style.  Innovation is an essential part of development.

Architecture has become an extremely popular undergraduate course in India in the past decade. There is the abundance of architecture colleges in India. A number of exams can get you through an architecture college.


The Joint Entrance Exam (JEE) and All India Engineering Entrance Exams (AIEEE) are carried out for both the students of engineering and architecture. The paper for the examination will be of the objective nature. But in the case of the Architecture Graduates, an aptitude test will be there along with the drawing examination. Students who are preparing to take up the NATA exam must ensure that they brush up their drawing skills.The division of the paper is as follows:

Aesthetic Sensitivity test: This is a test carried out online as to identify the visualizing as well as analytical skills of the applicants.

Drawing Test:  2 hours of the examination will be provided solely for the Drawing test.

Then there is NATA. The NATA exam is of 3 hours duration and is divided into two stages. The pattern is aesthetic sensitivity test and drawing test. The aesthetic sensitivity test is a one-hour online test. This test is piloted to identify the analytical and envisioning skills of an applicant at the objects provided. The drawing test is a two-hour exam held for evaluating the drawing skills.

Every architecture college would either accept the JEE score or AIEEE score or NATA score or all of the above. Apart from that most of the architecture colleges have an entrance test of their own. You clear that, and you can enroll in the course.

So start hunting for your aspired college and good luck!


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