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We people have that damn great power of turning superb things to ashes or lift a junk to all the high and might available. Wondering how can we do that? Well, the answer is pretty darn simple- SOCIAL MEDIA. Social media has got the power (that definitely we provide) to suddenly bring something or someone in the eyes of everyone. Its craze is spread like a plaque with no end to it. Be it FACEBOOK, INSTAGRAM, TWITTER, LINKEDIN, the list is endless.

One such social feedback tool has recently come into the business and is acquiring the social media stage pretty quick, yep you got it, I am indeed talking about the one and only is a free service that enables the user to gather sincere and honest feedback from people the user knows or vice versa. The most astonishing feature of is that the ability to keep the feedback giver’s identity anonymous that is the person giving feedback would not be known to the one about whom the feedback is all about. Pretty smart, if you ask me! But nonetheless it’s a tool that gives you the power to speak to the one you are afraid of, for instance, you can use, if you don’t want to say something face to face because you are afraid (maybe you wanna say something to your boss but are afraid to do so) of the other person’s reaction. On the other hand, however, is no less useful when providing positive feedback.

It’s nothing like that, that it only emphasize on negative feedback or a tool to let out the anger, but it’s just that the feedback must be true and honest. Since we get feedback for our own selves, it helps to see through our characteristics and work on the points we are lacking. So to put it simply, is a web application that enables you to get input for your own self-development.

But this is not all it’s about, there’s a slight catch in the story; we guys always take things too far. Although for people who do need to know about their work to excel in the same, is an extremely great platform, but for people who do this just for their stories on Instagram, FB, or other social media, they are taking it a bit too far.

But, the fact that it’s a great feedback tool can’t be denied at any cost. So if you are spared from the mad rush, try to give it a shot, there are possibilities that you may actually end having some valuable feedback so that you can know where you lag and how to improve.


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