The feel of Silk, the smell of leather, the touch of sheen and the warmth of cashmere, takes us all to the realm of luxury and charm. It empowers us with confidence and a sense of upliftment. The word fashion is something everyone identifies with, with the advent of new technologies fashion has also grown and grown to such an extent that it is now a branch of study.

According to me, fashion is a medium of self-expression. It can define you in so many ways it is beyond one’s comprehension. From what we wear to how we carry it off, the every little event within this little window of timeI stated, is fashion.

One can reveal one’s demeanor by one’s sense of fashion. A pretty sundress worn on a summer afternoon or on a winter night conveys that you sure love colors!. But the real question is, when did it all begin? The answer to this is simple, fashion is present everywhere, every walk of life, it only depends on whether you seek it or not!.

In the myriad of trends with vivid features around us, it is often challenging to contemplate what is best because fashion is not just expensive clothes and unaffordable accessories, it is an art, Art from the Heart.

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