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The Fashion Risers-GlamFire!

Fashion is a thing one can never deny in his/her life. In today’s time, being in fashion and keeping up with it is an important aspect of judging anyone and henceforth to raise the fashion divas’ almost every college provide the students with a fashion club or society. The same goes for Delhi University and to be quite honest it not only just gives a kick start to the dream of being a model or a star but also boosts the self-confidence and helps overcome stage (in these cases ramp) fear.

So here’s a section of my talk with the Fashion Society of Delhi University College “SHAHEED RAJGURU COLLEGE OF APPLIED SCIENCES FOR WOMEN” as they talked and told me about their GLAMFIRE and achievements that they got and are getting after being the part of the Glamfire Family. The society is currently headed by Mrs. Ritika Chopra Wadhwan, a Professor in the same college.

Q1. What are the basic thoughts and ideas behind the establishment of “Glamfire”?

Ans. The basic thought behind the establishment of this society was to enhance our personalities and develop co-curricular skills while keeping in mind the desires of students to walk and rock the ramp.

Q2. Do you Mrs. Ritika Chopra Wadhwan have any professional background in the field of fashion?

Ans. Well, to be quite honest I don’t have any kind of Fashion background whatsoever, it’s just that, the students and I work as a team and that leads to our success.

Q3. How would you people say about your inner chemistry as a team, I mean do you guys get along?

Ans. We work as a team and stay as a family, so yeah, we are pretty sure that each one of us would admit to the fact that we go along pretty well.

Q4.Would you the members (students) like to see this through, I mean do you guys like to continue the same field as a profession in future?

Ans. Yes, we love our fashion career as in college, so we would love to continue the same as a profession if we get a chance.

Q5. You must have got new recruits this year, how would you account them as compared to their seniors Mrs. Ritika?

Ans. As a matter of fact, we do have some awesome recruits but they still aren’t that good as their seniors. Obviously, their seniors have more ramp experience than them, so I would say that the seniors still have the upper hand.

Q6. How many events have you won till date?

Ans. We have participated in 7 events out of which we have emerged gloriously in 3 events.

Q7. Since this is all a part of a game, how do you deal with the failure you see?

Ans. We all believe that failure is the courage to continue and they always come to teach something new and important, so we always try to learn from it and face them bravely.

Q8. Who is behind the dress designing and makeup?

Ans. What people see on the ramp is the collective work of our whole team. We take ideas about the dresses and makeup and then implement the same to get best out of it.

Q9. Would you guys mind sharing any of your recent success stories?

Ans. Ya sure why not. We got a call from Shyam Prasad Mukherjee College, one the colleges of DU at midnight about the event they were having the following day. Since we were not having any time to set things up, and we thought we couldn’t pull through it, we decided to back down from the event, but the multiple calls and the teams’ spirit took us to another turn eventually landing us at the event venue. The time ran against us as we reached the venue late, had less than an hour to dress up, but still performed although we didn’t have any high hopes. While we were returning to our own college, we received a call from SPM stating that we won, we were in utter glee and that was our very first win, a memorable and a dear one to us.

Q10. If you Mrs. Ritika have the choice of sending one of your students for any upcoming Fashion show organized by a namely firm, who would she might be and why?

Ans. Though all the students perform well when it comes to ramp but I would suggest Shivangi and Kanishka if something like this comes up because they carry themselves quite well on the ramp.

Rapid Fire

  1. Red/Black or Yellow/white?

Ans. Red/Black

  1. Short skirt or one piece?

Ans. Short skirt

  1. Open hair or tied in a bun?

Ans. Tied in a bun

  1. Sleeveless or ¾ sleeve?

Ans. Sleeveless

Do you want to give any suggestions to the readers?

Ans. Just stay calm and follow your own fashion, i.e., just be Fashionable!

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