Humans are social beings. We live in a society and hence,social interactions and social relations are an essential part of our life. Throughout our lives we build different relationships: friendship, romantic as well as blood relations are the major ones.

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Are relationships important?

Here, we are not only talking about romantic relationships but also about family relations and friendships. Everyone has a unique set of goals that they want to achieve in life and that’s somewhat necessary as well. But it should always be kept in my mind that you should not strain your relationships ,the ones that are important to you, for the sake of those goals.

Here are some reasons that you should consider and then decide on your own:

1.It is found in many surveys, that majority of people who are isolated, those who have strained relationships often doesn’t have a good healthy life. They are not mentally at peace, they suffer from loneliness which is more harmful than any other disease, overall, it deteriorates their health and life expectancy.

Therefore, maintaining good relationships is good for your health as well as for your mind.

2.Every relationship teaches you something or other.

  1. By maintaining good relationships, you always have someone to rely on and someone to confide in. This is really helpful in long run,in life.Humans want companionship.

4.People with good relationships are happier and more content in life.

5.The most important one. When you would be lying on your deathbed, your material success wouldn’t hold much importance to you and won’t give you peace and happiness but your loved ones will.

The conclusion of all this is: every human able to give love and be loved.

And love is always about giving what you have. And the act of giving and hence receiving will give you happiness.

Well with changing times, the aspect of relationships is also changing. With the advent of technology, humans have evolved and so their relationships as well.

As today’s generation spends more and more time indulging in their screens, be it television,cell phones, laptops or desktop.

A big question arises: are these technological advances bringing us closer together or further apart?

We will weigh the pros and the cons:

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  • Easier to connect with your loved ones, since there are numerous platforms like Skype, Facebook, etc.
  • It is easier to make friends online in a short duration of time, since people share a lot of personal information about themselves.
  • It is a savior for people who aren’t  confident when conversing face to face.
  • It gives you sense of belonging.
  • It helps you to embrace your perks and helps you find people who share similar interest.
  • You are always updated about what is going on in your friends lives, even when you are not physically present.
  • At times people resort to online support which helps them to go on with life.
  • Anything and everything you demand is out there. From dating apps to messenger. there’s a platform for every kind of interaction and its just a click away.



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  • It is concluded by many surveys that increased use of social media platforms makes a person feel more and more insecure and lonely. This at times turns into serious depression.
  • Miscommunications in the online world put strains in many relationships.
  • Our emotional invisibility in the online world makes us less of a human. We become insensitive and rude. People forget the basic etiquette of responding back and being polite.

The main cause of this is because of the absence of the other persons emotional reaction.

People nowadays get away with making snide and mean comments online which they wont dare say in face of that person. moreover, people avoid to respond which becomes a reason of frustration for the person who sent the concerned message.

  • People are unable to make real life conversations. Their sociability gets restricted to online world only.
  • There’s always a pressure of keeping their life updated on social media as they have to maintain a certain status.
  • Exploitation of impressionable minds is always a grave possibility.

In my conclusion, I think technology is a great way for transferring information efficiently, the Internet is excellent. But for transacting emotionally sensitive or satisfying connections, it’s not. Its great way to maintain long distance relationships but whenever there is a strain, the best way of solving it is by a face to face conversation.


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