Many of you may have heard of earning through Youtube account. Yes, you can make money by creating your own Youtube channel. But for this, you need to have many subscribers, a Gmail account, your own authentic video, which can draw attention to public and your bank account details. Let’s discuss this step by step.

  • Creating a Gmail account:

Firstly you need to have a Gmail account in order to create a Youtube account. You can make a Gmail account by simply clicking on create an account at and fill in all required details.

  • Signing in at Youtube:

After completing the sign up at Gmail you need to sign in at youtube from that account.

  • Creating a channel on Youtube:

After signing in you need to click on right side of your screen showing profile button, there will be an option “create studio”, click on that. Now you need to click on my channel and your channel will be created.

  • Add content:

You need to add some content on your channel which must be authentic. You should add some tags to your upload material to make it audience eye catching. It is the key to your channel which will add more subscribers and more money in return.

  • Sharing is important:

You ought to share your uploads on multiple social media in order to gain popularity. You must interact with your viewers by responding them always, to make them stick to channel.

  • Monetize your videos:

In order to make money from upload, you’ll need to enable monetization for your videos. This means now Youtube can place ads in your videos. For this, you need to click on monetization tab and then checking monetize with ads box of a channel.

  • Creating Google Ad Sense account:

For this, you need to have a bank account. You can make this account at Ad Sense website for free. It will add your bank account to Youtube account and will get paid per view only. That’s why subscribers are an important part for this.


  • Tracking performance:

You can keep an eye on viewers by checking your analytics tab in your channel menu. By checking viewers you can estimate earnings from the video, response from the audience. It’s like getting feedback from your subscribers in order to share quality videos in future.

  • Becoming Youtube partner:

You can become Youtube partner for gaining more opportunities, but for this, you need to have a large number of viewers. You can apply for partnership at Youtube partner page. For the most effective partnership, you need 15000 cumulative frequency of watch hours over the last 90 days.

  • Getting paid:

For getting paid you need to reach the minimum payout threshold, which varies from one country to another. The standard minimum threshold is $100. You will only get paid after you achieve $100 minimum threshold. Payment is done on 21st of every month.

So it’s completely free to create a Youtube channel. Youtube will only cut a little amount out of your account as compensation. Be patient in uploading videos and creating subscribers it’s a long process but you earn without investment in return.


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