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Don’t have any plans for your 3-month long summer vacations? Here are some interesting summer school programs you can attend!!

In today’s date, many prestigious institutes are offering summer school programs which are open to domestic as well as international students. While programs are designed for current college graduates, some of these programs are even open or specifically designed for working professionals. One might wonder that what’s the point of studying even in summer? Well, This is a great way to make a good use of one’s summer vacation, meet and interact with new people and to gain useful credits/certificates which might enhance your resume and no exams for any course!

Duration/Time period:

In India, Many of the Indian Institute of Managements(IIMs) and Indian Institute of Technology(IITs) are offering summer programs. Apart from that, CEPT (Ahmedabad, Gujarat), Symbiosis University(Pune, Maharashtra) and Amity University(Noida) are other prestigious universities offering summer school programs. The minimum duration of any such program is starting from 1 week and going up to 2 and a half months. The programs are offered during the months of May, June, and July. Some of the universities are already accepting applications for Summer School-2017. The number of students in each program is limited. Hence, it is better to plan and choose your favorite program as early as possible.

Cost and Accommodation:

The cost of each program depends on the institution, the location where the course is conducted and the duration of the program. Additional learning materials, hands-on kits, and presentations are generally included in the main cost. Starting from 1500 rupees/program the cost can go up to few thousands of dollars.

As it is summer time, most of the regular students are at home enjoying the vacation. Hence, most of this universities provide accommodation in their respective hostels during the full length of the program. One can even find his own accommodation in the city or choose to commute from home if he is a locality. The cost of the accommodation varies from each institution and it is generally starting from 1500 rupees/month and going up to 10,000 rupees/month.

Given below is a small list of programs offered by various Indian institutions in the past/scheduled for this year:

Indian Institute of Management- Calcutta

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Program Offered:

Empirical finance and Accounting research  1-9 MAY, 2017

Pre-Summer School Tutorial    29 – 30 APRIL, 2017

Who can attend:

Assistant and Associate Professors in the area of Finance and Accounting and Ph.D. students.


Indian Institute of Management- Udaipur (Along with Duke –Sanford School of Public Policy)

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Program Offered: Summer School for Future Leaders in Development  June 17th to July 29nd 2017

Who can attend:

Applicants from Indian universities and colleges with Master’s Degree (or must have appeared for final exam of final year of degree)

Applicants from NGOs and Social Enterprises with Bachelor’s degree  and 5 years of work experience

 Indian Institute of technology-Gandhinagar

Programs Offered:

Control Systems, Thermodynamics, Data Mining, Parallel Computing, Water Resource Engineering and other topics covering subjects of every engineering discipline. Courses are offered during the months of June and July. Registration for the same starts in April.

Who can attend:

Faculty members & Students at Colleges/Universities.


Centre for Environmental Planning and Technology University-Ahmedabad

Image result for central environmental planning and technology university ahmedabad

Programs Offered:

Programs are offered across five Inhabitations: Architecture, Design, Planning, Management, and Technology.

Total 65 courses are offered: 26 workshop based courses, 18 international travel based courses, 21 within India travel-based courses. Registrations are open from 7th February’17 to 5th March’17.

Who can attend:

All programs are open for graduate/undergraduate students. Some programs accept working professionals if additional criteria is fulfilled.

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