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Different types of Pearls You Need to Know About

[dropcap]I[/dropcap]n astrology, each planet has been described as a gem. The moon’s gem is a pearl, but do you know nine pieces of pearls in Garuda Purana have been told? Mango people consider pearls coming from oyster as pearls, but in reality, pearls are of nine types, which are also called gems.

In Sanskrit, Moti is called Mukta, Muktafal, Shuktij, Moktik, Shashiratna, and Shashipri. In Persian, Marwarid and Pearl is said in English. Pearl is an opaque gem of a beautiful, shiny white color. In astrology, it is considered to be the moon’s gem. Pearl is obtained from the womb of a special caste oyster. The pearls in which there are more layers, and the larger it is the better it is considered. Pearls may be obtained from Elephants, swine, snake, fish, whales, conch, bamboo, cloud and oysterNine variations of pearls have been reported in Garuda Purana i.e. Elephants, swine, snake, fish, whales, shellfish, bamboo, cloud and oyster. In Sanskrit Wadam, chalet chalai na maankiyyam, muktin ko gaje ho gaye”. That is, there is no gem on every mountain and there is no pearl in the head of each elephant. Manlyd snake is also a pearl. Similarly, motivary pigs

and fish are rarely available. Pearls from these beings are extremely rare, so the pearls that are available from the oyster are just unique. 

Here are different types of pearls-

Gaja Mani

It is also called Yaj Gaj Muktuk. This pearl is found at the place of the trunk of the elephant where the head joins. This pearl is striped similar to the yellow aura, red, shiny, elastic, round and amla fruit. It is said that this pearl is available in African elephants. In some elephants, it is a long triangle shaped gray.

Varah gem

The pearl emitted from the pig’s head is very pure, like a flower of mogra and is dark in color. There are also many color variations. It is also found in white similar to the moon.

Snake gem or snake beads

It is said in the colloquial language as Nagmani. The pearl from the head of the serpent is very pure, black-eyed, round, beautiful, lucrative, and lexifier. It is said that it is found only in the cobra snake who is over 100 years old. According to color difference, it can also be golden, green, red, blue, pink, white and black.

Fish mani: This pearl is found in many types of fish. It is found in the fish’s head or stomach. This pearl is round and bright red, pink or light green, similar to the ‘nimbole’. It is extremely rare.

Teema gem or white pearl

Teema gem is found in this pearl whalefish. It is a different kind of pearl found in other fish. This pearl is found in small egg-shaped rough and many colors.

Cloud pearl

This pearl is found in the middle of the clouds. This pearl is very pure, very bright like the Sun’s rays and large in size. In this blue colored pearl, there are many stripes, similar to the water wave. This pearl is taken from the sky route at the time of rain, by God, Siddha, and Gandharva. This is extremely rare for humans.

Venu gem or bamboo pearl

This pearl is found only in the stomach of bamboo-eating animals. It is made in bamboo, but where it remains hidden, it is difficult to know. Therefore, this peal is removed from their stomach of the animals who eat bamboo. This pearl is very light in weight, round like camphor, green rash and dried berry fruits.

Seashell pearl

This pearl from cone gourd comes out of the seashell. Like pigeon’s eggs are round, beautiful, light, clean and bright like Venus. It is found in white, pink, first and sometimes deep red color. It can not be made artificially.

Chandra mani or oyster pearl

The oyster pearl is found in oyster and is accessible to humans. A pearl that is made from oyster is one that is formed by the laser secretion of insects inside it and another type of pearl is formed from a drop of dew or rain in the mouth of an oyster during the excursion of the sun’s constellation. This is called natural pearl. This pearl is pure and exquisite. Pearls made in such shells are found in abundance in the sea along the seashore of the city of Basra, Iraq, whose value is more than diamond.

Astrological properties represent the pearl moon. Those who have weakness in the horoscope, they are advised to wear pearls. If the Moon is with Mars or Rahu, then the person remains unconscious. In such a scenario, wearing a pearl of silver or a silver ring is beneficial. It brings relieve in brain-related diseases, mental disorders, headaches, migraines and such others. Coating on pearl comes in different colours. As a result, the face becomes glossy and attraction power increases.

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