Fashion itself is a vast word. It keeps on updating time to time it differs with a change in season also. So here are some cool tips to make you look cool in hot summer.

  • Wear loose clothes:

The loose clothes u wear, the more comfortable you feel. Loose outfits will make your body temperature cooler. It will make you look cool, smart, trendy with a pair of shorts rather than preferring skin tights top wear.

  • Stick to light colors:

Dark colors absorb more of light, making you feel hotter and on the other side light colors reflect light, keeping you cool and trendy. Mix and match different shades as per summer trend. White looks perfect for a classic hot summer.

  • Be choosy for fabrics:

To stay cool on hot summer days select material like cotton- Pima or Supima or any other variety of cotton, linen is also a good option, or silk too as these fabrics are breathable and do not absorb heat, reducing sweat as well.

  • Selecting foot wears:

While purchasing summer foot wears always ensure to purchase a half or full size bigger than your original shoe size, as a matter of fact, your feet swells in summer because of sweat leaving your feet uncomfortable. Go for faux leather, man-made material, plastics footwear to look fashionable. You can also try for boat shoes it is in trend these days.


  • Carry sunglasses and hat:

For protecting yourself from excessive heat, wear a floppy hat. The bigger hat, the better you look. Sunglasses are something which is in all year round, but in summer it protects you too. Carry a pretty pattern of a scarf. You can use it as a headband, chic turban, tied up on the side of the head, or tied around neck protecting you from sweat. Carry cute purse or light weighted cross bags. Do not wear much jewelry wear light weight earrings.

  • Make-up:

Try for neon lip shades like hot pink or orange. It is one of the hot summer styles. Apply a light and waterproof makeup.  Apply ice on a face before applying makeup to avoid sweat apply cool color nail paints according to mix and match of your dress. Never forget to apply sun protected body lotions.

  • Hairstyle:

Summer is the time to do something innovative with your hair. Try to tie your hair messy with some cool hair accessory. Carry hat to protect your hair from excessive heat.

High ponies will colorful bands are in trend.


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