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College Events!!

“College is a place where we learn, interact and make new friends.”

College life is something that we all remember and admire later in life. During this period, we face many ups and downs and at the same time, we learn how to face situations which we never even thought would happen. Being in college means studying and at the same time experiencing fests, events, and other extra-curricular activities.

The same thing goes with Manipal University Jaipur. As good as the college is in academics, it is also good in hosting college fests. Over the past few months, the university has held various events of the genres Culture, Sports, and Technology.

Firstly, they organized Oneiros, The Cultural Fest. This fest included various events like street plays, one mic stands, stage plays in the field of drama; dance face-offs, group dance competitions, solo dance competitions, group and solo singing competitions in the categories of music and dance. From the literature side, the events hosted were the pop quiz, debates, group discussions, spell-bee and much more. This fest was solely organized by the students and not the faculty. The preparations had started two months prior to the inaugural day of the fest. The whole college was in a hustle, having all the students busy with various tasks like getting sponsorships, booking of transportation and accommodation for the participating universities. Since everything is not perfect, here too the people had difficulties but in the end, all turned out to be wonderful. On the day of the inauguration, Zakir Khan and BiswaKalyanRath, two great stand-up comedians, were invited to entertain the crowd. It is truly said that laughter is the best medicine since they literally stole the show. To increase the hype of this fest, The RedBull Tour bus concert was held as a promotional event for the Oneiros fest. Ganesh Talkies and Mojo Jojo, two great wonders in the field of music performed in this event. Oneiros was a three-day fest and it kept every participant and every member present there truly engaged in the activities hosted. As for the closing ceremony, Shirley Setia, a youtube sensation formerly known for her covers of various songs, dazzled the crowd with her performance. This was truly an amazing end to an amazing fest.

After the Oneiros, Manipal University Jaipur hosted for the first time ever, their own, TEDx. A TEDx is an event in which TED(Technology Entertainment Design)-like talks and the talks from previous TED conferences are presented before the audience. Some great speakers like Grand Master Shifu Ji and RakshitTandon spoke about their experiences and bestowed upon us their teachings. To end the TEDx, a social night was hosted where the students were graced by the presence of Kenny Sebastian- an amazing stand-up comedian and The Local Train – an Indian Rock band. The night was magical.

The next fest hosted was the sports fest – Abhivarta. Teams from different universities, from different parts of the country, participated in various competitions like football, cricket, volleyball, badminton, kabaddi, chess, tennis, table-tennis and much more. This time they even had a fun-zone which refreshed all of our childhood memories since they had all the games from that time like Jenga, Hopscotch, tug-of-war and much more. In between the fast, “Sunburn Campus” was organized to refresh the crowd. This fest was a break for all the students before they started studying for their examinations.

The upcoming event Techideate 2.O is a technical fest of Manipal University Jaipur. The various events in this fest are coding, app development, robotics, LAN gaming and many other technical activities. All students are eagerly waiting for it and it is pretty obvious that this fest is going to be a great experience for the students and as amazing as the other events.

The college life is that stage in one’s life which is remembered forever and events like these make these memories more cherishable.



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