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[dropcap]B[/dropcap]eing a third world country, from our childhood our mentality is shaped in such a way that, having a secure and settled future is way more important than self-satisfaction.
And I personally think, there’s nothing wrong with choosing a career on the basis of its demand in market. But self-satisfaction is also important. I feel whenever you are choosing a career you should give equal importance to both of these factors as they are equally important.
Careers paths like medical, engineering and management have become so mainstream. Way more competition and far less jobs. At such times, I think one needs to think and choose smartly before opting any career path.
So here, first I would like to divide careers in two types and list its pros and cons


When compared to a conventional career, offbeat careers have both positive and negative points so one must be aware of these before taking the plunge. Unlike regular jobs an offbeat job is not monotonous and boring. It is fun and challenging and you are more likely to find it satisfying as it is in line with your interests. A person going for conventional courses has to handle tough competition as there are millions of people going for such conventional course. You can get lost in the crowd and you will not be able to make a mark unless you are exceptionally good at it. There would be less competition in unconventional fields as there are not that many people going for these fields. You have a greater chance of getting recognized and being able to make a difference. The unconventional fields are however full of uncertainties so one needs to be patient enough and not get bogged down by initial struggles and rejections. Only someone with a strong will and lot of patience can sail through the initial storms. If you are not willing to push beyond your limits and come out of your comfort zone, then an unconventional career is not for you. On this road less travelled you surely need lot of courage to move ahead. There is no fixed way to reach your destination here so you have to find your own way. The income might be low and unsteady in the beginning so one must be prepared for that.

INTRINSIC REWARDS: Self-satisfaction, happiness, pleasure.
EXTRINSIC REWARDS: Money, social status, stability.


1. Less risky and more stable
2. Offers extrinsic rewards surely
3. Intrisic rewards may also be achieved as it varies from person to person
4. Easily approachable and general awareness in public


1. Riskier and less stable
2. Offers intrinsic rewards
3. Offers extrinsic rewards as well, with perseverance and hard work
4. Not so easily approachable since there is a lack of general awareness on such topics


3.Management professionals
6.Law professionals
8.Chartered Accountant
9.Journalism and Mass Communication professionals


1. Event management

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[dropcap]A[/dropcap] career in event management is never dull! Event managers are responsible for the design, organisation and coordination of conventions, festivals, conferences, corporate meetings, exhibitions, weddings, product launches and any occasion that requires someone in complete control to make the event a success.

Skills required:

Strong communicator
Creative visionary
Highly organised and meticulous about attention to detail
Big thinker and able to visualise concepts
Good at motivating and dealing with all personality types
Courses availability: numerous colleges offer course in event management

2. Pet grooming

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[dropcap]P[/dropcap]et grooming is an interesting and rewarding career field for those who have fondness for animals. People who specialize in grooming or maintaining a pets’ appearance are called pet groomers. Pet groomers are the beauticians of the animal world.
Pet groomers usually groom dogs and cats, some may even groom other animals such as rabbits and horses. Like human beings’ pets too require caring. Well-being of a pet is closely related to pet grooming. Pet groomers are in high demand as more and more pet owners look for professional care and maintenance of their pet’s health and well-being.

Skills required:
Genuine care for animals
Must have high standards of cleanliness and professionalism.

Course availability: An individual doesn’t require any specific qualification to become a pet groomer. However, your chances of gaining employment gets improved if you have completed a certificate or training in the related area.
Scoopy scrub, Dawgz, Fuzzy Wuzzy are some of the places which provides such courses.

3. Chef

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[dropcap]E[/dropcap]arlier, the jobs of chefs were not considered a job of high esteem. But, now with the growth and development of hotel and restaurant industry, there is an unmatched demand for people with expertise in cooking.
Nowadays, chefs are evolving as glamorous personalities and money churners as well. They are earning respect in the society as well.

Skills required:

Attention to Detail
Culinary Expertise
Fast-Paced Decision Making

Courses availability: To become a chef and particularly if you are interested in finding jobs in star hotels, it is important that you should obtain a degree in hotel management and catering technology from a good institution. There are also diploma and certificate courses in this field as well. There are good many institutions in India to take up these courses.

4. Fitness trainer

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[dropcap]M[/dropcap]odern work environment has led to a sedentary life style with little scope for physical exercise. Fitness has emerged both as a lucrative business opportunity and a sustainable career option. It is not just the celebrities and the rich who want to stay fit but the fitness bug has stung a large chunk of professional urbanites.
Fitness trainers are hired to help people achieve and maintain good physical health, plan and implement exercise routines as well as giving advice on diets, nutrition and other important areas. It involves helping people achieve their goals and making sure that they become and stay in shape. Fitness trainers work in either gyms or come especially to their clients houses and provide motivation for people to remain on their fitness regime and not deter. There are many different types of fitness trainers; freelancers, personal trainers, or those trainers who work in a gym, hotel or club for a salary. The work of a fitness trainer is very satisfying because they get to see and help a client complete a goal of theirs. Moreover, there is no monotony or boredom on the job because the trainer is constantly doing something. Along with this, the work environment is also very comfortable. There is also an opportunity to meet with and interact with many different people.

Skills required:
Precise knowledge of own field
Good communication skills
Physically fit

Courses availability:
Top Institutes Providing Certifications in Fitness Training:
American College of Sports Medicine
International Sports Sciences Association
National Academy of Sports Medicine
National Strength & Conditioning Association
PTA Global
American council of exercises (ACE)
American cell of sports management (ACSM)
Gold gym fitness institute
American Counsel of sports medicine

5. Celebrity manager

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[dropcap]A [/dropcap]celebrity manager provides services such as celebrity/athlete grooming, managing his or her time schedule, public relation services, marketing and advertising campaigns, negotiating endorsements, promotional launches, parties, and personal appearances

Skills required:
Patience and Maturity
Ability to connect with people from varied backgrounds
Ability to come up with quick solutions
Understand media and image-building
Well-informed about brands
Creative thinker

Courses availability: There’s absolutely nothing in India that I am aware of. There are celebrity management courses abroad, particularly in the United States but they are expensive and may not be very relevant to the Indian context. I would suggest interning with a celebrity management agency to start off; nothing better than learning on the job.

6. Wine tasting

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[dropcap]W[/dropcap]ine tasters are the persons who give advice for the selection of wine on the basis of the cuisines, tastes and budget.

Skills required:
Detailed knowledge about wine
Course availability: In India, Bangalore (and now Mumbai) has an institute named Tulleeho Wine Academy, Institute for Wine and Beverage Studies (New Delhi), Wine Academy of India(Chennai), Christ University(Karnataka)

7. Blogging

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[dropcap]I[/dropcap]f you are someone who is passionate and dedicated about starting something of your own, you can definitely become your own boss. In India professional blogging or work from home is still not considered as very reputable job as there is no standard term or designation coined for full-time bloggers. But after some experience depending on your talent you can an earn a decent amount by working from home.

Skills required:

Writing skills
Social media marketing
Search engine optimisation
Zest to learn more
Basic coding PHP,HTML or CSS

Courses availability: No special courses required, but proficiency in English is required. Opting for courses to improve English would be very beneficial.

8. Wildlife Photography

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[dropcap]W[/dropcap]orking as a wildlife photographer requires little to no formal education. It is not necessary to attend college to begin a career as a wildlife photographer, although a degree or courses in photography may be an asset. Most photographers are self-employed and work on a freelance basis, so their success depends on their ability to deliver and sell compelling images.

Skills Required:
Expertise in Photography
Courses Availability: Delhi College of Photography, Light and Life Academy, Jawaharlal Nehru Architecture and Fine Arts University and many more.

9. Ethical hacking

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[dropcap]T[/dropcap]he work of an ethical hacker involves testing the security of a company’s computer network without any malicious or criminal intent. The role of an ethical hacker has increased in the recent times.
Many big companies look for ethical hackers for various security purposes. You need to have a good knowledge of coding in different programming languages. The average salary ranges between Rs.2 to 5 lakhs for a fresher, and after having an experience of five to six years, you can earn up to Rs.10 to 12 lakhs annually, depending upon your skills.

Skills required:
Great coding skills
Courses availibity: Indian School of Ethical Hacking(Kolkata), Institute of Information Security(Mumbai).

10. Image consultant

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[dropcap]Y[/dropcap]our image describes about you. It includes the way one talks and behaves with others. In recent times, Image Consultant is one of the hottest career fields. Also known as Wardrobe Consultant, Fashion Stylist or a Makeover Consultant. Image Consultants advise, to both men and women, on all aspects of personal appearance, presentation and public speaking. Image consulting takes a comprehensive approach, involving all aspects of image that result in people’s projection of themselves, beginning with inner image to the outward appearance.
Skills required:
Good communication skills
Courses availability: Image Consulting Business Institute(Mumbai)

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