Different types of Pearls You Need to Know About

    In astrology, each planet has been described as a gem. The moon’s gem is a pearl, but do you know nine pieces of pearls in Garuda Purana have been told? Mango people consider pearls coming from oyster as pearls, but in reality, pearls are of nine types, which are also called gems. In Sanskrit, Moti is called Mukta, Muktafal, Shuktij,…

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    The Significance of applying Tilak- Why, When and How?

    While seeing a tilak on someone’s forehead, it is natural to raise the question that what is the benefit of that thing? Is it merely done for the sake of appearances in front of others or is there any scientific basis for holding Tilak? Actually, there is a spiritual feeling as well as a desire for other types of benefits.…

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  • Life Style

    Healthy Parenting

    Parenting is not at all an easy task to do and hence, it’s one of the most researched areas in social science today. And why is this job so difficult? Because we always tend to compare our children’s life with that of our own childhood, which probably existed 30 years back! Often parents forget about the huge difference that exist…

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  • Motivation

    3 Major Thoughts hit the mind when you turn 25

    When we hit the age of 25 Life demands more from us. Some of you might have completed graduation or post graduation, few people might be employed. Most of us wish to become somebody great in life, build a big career, earn more money and live a lavish life. At this age, our minds are swarming with random thoughts that…

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