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career opportunities in geography honours

The word geography means the description of the earth.Starting from several landforms and landscapes, to the climate changes everything can be studied under the broad banner of geography.Geography can be further divided into EARTH SCIENCE; SOCIAL SCIENCE; PHYSICAL GEOGRAPHY AND HUMAN GEOGRAPHY.

A student can have several  career options after GEOGRAPHY HONOURS.They are :


The word “cartographer” is derived from the Latin word charta-, which means “tablet or leaf of paper,” and the Greek word graphein,meaning to write or draw.A cartographer is a person who creates maps, whether they’re of the world, the local bus routes, or buried pirate treasure.Cartographers generally get jobs in public sectors like Ordnance Survey of Great Britain,Land & Property Services Northern Ireland,Defence Geographic Centre (part of the Ministry of Defence),Hydrographic Office.


An environmental consultant is someone who is passionate about the environment and works combined with several organisations to judge the good and adverse effects certain manmade and natural causes and their impact on the environment.Though this is work more of passion rather than money making but a person needs  to have knowledge in IT skills, such as word processing and the use of spreadsheets and presentation packages.



the best way to impart knowledge and make people aware and educated is through the process of teaching .A person can surely go for teaching profession after completing an honours degree in geography


This is ranked amongst one of the most interesting studies where it involves understand how the earth’s surface is formed and changed by several factors like water,air,ice etc.It involves collecting samples of organic materials such as sediments from streams and pollen to analyse wheather these have any effects on the change of  Earths surface .


Planning is a broad area of work that requires many different skills.They make decisions about the management and development of a specific area keeping in mindfactors like the resources available ,transportation etc.The work of a townplanner includes jobs like writing and explaining regulations and rules,

,protecting buildings that are of historical and architectural importance and ensuring that suitable land becomes available for  development and supporting business and jobs.


Climatologists are referred to people who study climate.They generally use precipitation records,temperature to define the normal climate of a place .Climatologists can also give a brief idea about the climate which shall be prevailing in the future with the help of the past records.

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