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Career opportunities in English Honours

A flexible foundation to build a career is generally offered by the ENGISH language. This West Germanic language is majorly used all over the world to connect and bind people together. This brings us to the first career option in ENGLISH which is the work of a translator.


A translator’s work is to specialize in one more language rather than English.A translator is hired by several companies, travel agencies, and they have a vast sphere to earn through their skills in this language.The income of a translator ranges from 5000 per month to a huge figure in lakhs depending upon the working time period; agency and skills.


This brings us to the second profession knowledge in English can cater too. Though a good flair in writing can earn a good amount of money it is more of a hobby which can develop into a profession. Not only entertaining readers through the writing but conveying a certain important social message also becomes the sole responsibility of an author or a poet.

3. Professor, lecturer or teacher:

Teaching is considered to be a very noble profession that shapes the character, caliber, and future of an individual. A bachelors’ degree in ENGLISH can offer you jobs from teaching in primary level and as your experience and knowledge increase on completion of B.ED, or Ph.D. In English, you can become a lecturer or professor at colleges.The salary of a teacher starts from around RS.5000 a month nowadays and keeps on increasing your skills and experiences.


Public relations can be defined as the art of managing communication between an organization and public. English being an international language helps in sharing the formed strategies in a presentable manner to the public ensuring benefit of the company or organization.A person dealing with public relation generally earns a minimum wage of 8000 per month depending on the organization or company


Mass communication is treated as the fourth pillar of Democracy. It helps to inform public and educate them about the current happenings and also conveys a specific message to the public.The opportunity for English majors in journalism can range from reporting to becoming the EDITOR of a newspaper or a magazine


A person with fluent English speaking skills also has vast scope in News anchoring and anchoring in reality shows. Teenagers nowadays are very keen towards this kind of job opportunities.There are several add-on courses which can be done after a degree in English to enhance the abilities and skills in this aspect.

7. Filmmaker :

A person having basic knowledge of English and scriptwriting can do wonders in documentary or short filmmaking. one can start the career by making add campaigns and documentary films and then finally proceed and get entirely into the film industry becoming the producer, director or assistant director.

  1. BLOGGER :

ONLINE videos and online blogs are becoming a new sensation for the teenage groups nowadays .there is nothing more fascinating than the English language which would not only appeal to a large number of masses from various parts of the world but also help to share their thoughts and views to come to  a certain conclusion


9.An RJ or a VJ

Audios and videos are mediums of relation and interaction to people. This creates a line between the reel world and the real world. A radio jockey or a video jockey acts as the sole medium to communicate with people.They appeal, entertain and educate people.Competitive exams

English language also acts as a boost in several competitive exams like IPS, IAS, etc.People opting for JEE mains and other exams always have an upper hand or advantage if they are good with the English subject

  1. Working abroad

As English is recognized as an international language people who dream to go abroad should be well versed in this language.This is because in a complete alien land this language acts as an oasis in a dry desert. Maximum people living in any country can communicate in English. Thus it not only makes life easier but also gives you a sense of belongingness.  A person can not only opt for higher studies in foreign countries but can also seek jobs in teaching, pr, advertising, anchoring, journalism etc.



As already explained under JOURNALISM   English has a vast scope in this career. A reporter should be well versed in the English language if he wants to work in national channels so that the news covered reaches maximum people.Moreover, a reporter knowing English is preferred in many news channels because they are able to communicate well with people with a different language as language barriers are minimized by using a common language


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