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Nikhil Chugh, a 22-year-old lad, pursuing his final semester of Computer Science Engineering ( B. Tech )  from DeenDayalUpadhyaya College, University Of Delhi, has had a very inspiring journey so far. He graduated from Tagore International School, Delhi in 2013, and there has been no looking back for him since then. Nikhil says “3.   My career as a Producer/DJ Has turned out to be brilliant so far. *Fingers Crossed*”.  He had an incredible time last year. He crossed a number of milestones and he is proud of them. Nikhil has performed at various major college festivals like DTU, SRCC, JMC. “I got the opportunity to perform amazing clubs like Playboy, Hyderabad and Royalty, Mumbai to name a few.” Nikhil was also a star at the Amsterdam Dance Event Artist Showcase and The Grub Fest recently.


On being asked about his greatest strength, Nikhil says “I think my biggest strength is my passion for music. I never force myself or think before sitting in front of my computer. I just like doing it. I get up in the morning and the first thing I do is switch on my desktop and play random things on my keyboard. Sometimes, I get really nice ideas, sometimes I don’t. I’m just having fun!” Music has always been an integral part of his life for a very long time. Nikhil was a common sight during school fests as well. ” I started playing the keyboard when I was in 4th standard and I’m extremely fortunate that I’m doing what I love to do.”

Nikhil sounds like a regular guy when he says “My biggest weakness is that I get bored easily and I don’t finish my projects. I have made a countless number of drafts till now but managed to complete only a handful of them. If I am getting a nice idea, I start a different project right away leaving what I was doing earlier and this goes on and on. I’m still struggling with this. Though, I’m very strict with myself sometimes and make sure I do not do more than 1 project at a time so I don’t get distracted.” We can all relate to this Nikhil. Discipline does not come naturally to our generation I suppose.


A fan of the utterly famous sitcom F.R.I.E.N.D.S., Nikhil likes you watch random YouTube videos in his spare time. Nikhil got through Delhi University admissions through the extracurricular quota, which would be music in his case.”I played a number of keyboard pieces and did live looping for my auditions. That was one of the best moments of my life.”

Nikhil’s first live gig was his opening set for the Industry Giants Lost Stories at DTU in 2016 for more than 15000 people.  Nikhil’s remix of ‘I took a pill in Ibiza’ was supported by a number of well-known artists. Nikhil exclaims, ”Seeing so many people jump on my own music was one hell of an achievement.”


Nikhil played in the Artist Showcase representing Black Paper White at the Amsterdam Dance Event. Nikhil says “It was a big milestone”. Nikhil’s latest incredible feat was playing alongside AnishSood at the Grub Fest 2017.

On being asked where does he see himself in the next decade, Nikhil says “That’s a very difficult question. Honestly, I don’t know. Sometimes, I see myself as this magnificent producer playing around the globe. Sometimes, I see myself as an Analyst sitting in front of a computer doing a 9-5 job. So, I don’t know. Let’s see.” The ambiguity makes him more determined towards his goal.

A good day for Nikhil is when he manages to achieve what he thought for that day.”  Like, I plan to mix one of my songs one day or make a nice bass house set. I feel really satisfied if the tasks are completed successfully without any hurry. My day gets even better when I’m able to study a little or complete an assignment so I don’t feel guilty of not studying. It should be a nice balance between my music and academics.”  The way Nikhil manages his passion and academics is an inspiration in itself.


On being asked if he has made it large, Nikhil exclaims “No, not yet. This is just the start. It’s going to one crazy journey!”

” I have met a lot of like-minded people with whom I’m currently working to release some good music very soon!” We sure are waiting for all of it Nikhil. Good luck with your future ventures.

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