Blogging as a career

Blogging as a career

With more and more creative minds budding up there are a lot of new career options that are opening their arms for the youth to offer them a career that is away from the same old traditions and cultural education system. With India progressing towards digitization courses like blogging are in demand

Let’s get to know about this blogging as a career in India and read about the things you must be clear about before starting your blog or website.

Blogging has become one of the world’s most chosen online careers. To start your blogging career, you only need a good writing skill, a domain name and a great hosting provider. Simply through it, many bloggers earn huge money. It’s the best known online career so far and one of the greatest ways to pass on information in one go to different people sitting in different parts of the World.

What is a blog?

A blog is a page in which you can write and express your views or can write anything that you want in a creative way and publish it to target the audience you want to make it available for

What is blogging?

Blogging refers to working on a blog to provide people with information and generate income through it. To popularize your blog, different internet marketing strategies need to be implemented.

Who can start blogging as a career?

Blogging is welcome for people of all ages, country and gender. Just to express the topic and entertain people through it, you need a little knowledge about computer basics and good writing skills. Even one of my cousins, only 11 years old, runs a blog and earns his pocket money through it as well. Blogging is the only job that people of all ages can do. Blogging is also the field that gives you income even if you’re sleeping as your website is 24 hours a day online.

Why start blogging as a career?

Employment in each country is declining to a large extent due to population growth. Most of the world’s countries suffer from unemployment and recession. Finding a source of income is an ardent need. Blogging can deliver real earnings and high internet popularity. You just need a good beginning. People who do jobs or business can also choose to blog a part-time career and get a chance through it to earn more. Blogging also doesn’t require too much investment. This is one of its most essential benefits.

What are the requirements for a successful blogging career?

Dedication: In your entire career in this field, you need good will and hard work. Sometimes there will be struggles, but later it will be a great success.

Patience: You need to see the results with great patience. Don’t let go of hopes. One day, the result of your hard work will come.

Good hosting: You must purchase your website’s best and most affordable hosting plan. A good shared hosting plan with 1 GB of space and 5 GB of bandwidth is going to cost almost around Rs.2000 which is very reasonable

Top bloggers from India who are a real inspiration for all bloggers

  1. Amit Agarwal
  2. Harsh Agarwal
  3. Shradha Sharma
  4. Imran Uddin
  5. Faisal Farooqui
  6. Arun Prabhudesai
  7. Srinivas Tamada
  8. Amit Bhawani

Interesting facts about blogging you must know

The best way to earn money: by using your talent and writing skills, blogging is the best and most efficient way to make money online. But there is a misunderstanding among many newbies that blogging is the money making the machine. But before you can earn some blogging, you need to indulge your blog post with high readings.

Consistent and efficient long-term running: due to their expertise and knowledge and also due to their luck, many bloggers hit the big income mark. But it’s not always essential that you start your career successfully. After at least six months of continuous efforts, the blog begins to show incredible stats. Blogging is about being consistent and long-term efficient and about real determination from the end of the blogger.

Patient-Setting up a new blog takes time: you need a lot of patience for blogging success. Setting up a new blog takes time and getting readers to your blog. It’s not at all easy to start, but ongoing efforts can make it easy to do the job. Just wait to start earning the right time.

To be successful, you need a lot of hard work on your blog: you can see a lot of bloggers making a lot of money. But in their blogging career they also passed several stages before reaching real heights. If you’re working hard on your blog, you can make big money promptly through advertising and paid posting through your blog. You need to know that no website starts with millions of visitors. To see the results of your hard work in less time, you should start using commenting and SEO services. Develop your website backlinks to other websites by commenting, posting guests and other methods.

It’s not for Copy Cats: Many bloggers are going through a period of their career when they start thinking about copying articles from other blogs and posting multiple posts on their blog in just a few minutes. This is very much for the blog’s health as many search engines are keeping track and penalizing the entire website for taking wrong methods. But if people start to copy from your blog, you have to think that your blog has started to become popular among the world’s billion blogs.


In the end I would like to conclude by telling you that blogging is no magic but a slow and steady process that requires a lot of research work on every article you write to make people follow you and read your work. If you are planning to go forward in this field then you must not think twice and start writing about anything you like and publish it.


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