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Some of the best online learning platforms…definitely check out!!

In recent years, the availability of internet to the common man has been revolutionized. With the great internet, comes great opportunities(And also an addiction for social media). Almost, any youngster is having a high-speed internet on his phone or having access to their school/college wifi. To make a good use of it, here is a small list of online learning platforms where one can learn almost any subject he/she can think of. The courses offered online are also referred to as MOOCs(Massive Open Online Course).

Started in 2012 by Harvard university and MIT, EdX is one of the biggest online education providers today. The main thing to notice about EdX is that it’s a “nonprofit organization”, which means that all the courses offered are free of cost. Student or professional of any age can access any course they like. However, one might need to pay a negligible donation (50$ to 150$) to obtain an authorized certificate for some courses.

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Backed by industry giants like Google, Facebook, AT & T, and salesforce, this platform was launched in 2011. It is a commercial learning platform hence most of the advanced level courses are offered on a payable basis. Udacity even has various hiring partners with each course offered and students even get placed directly after finishing the course. Flipkart, PayTM, daily hunt and Haptik are some of the hiring partners in India.

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Another nonprofit organization offering MOOCs for free to anyone and everywhere. Started in 2006 by Salman Khan, Khan Academy offers courses ranging from Kindergarten topics and going up to university level advanced subjects. All the videos are hosted on YouTube while the site of Khan Academy serves as a wrapper and provides supplemental material for the course.

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Started in 2012 in the USA, a course is a commercial learning platform. However, most of the course videos and tests are open for registered users. One might need to pay fees to get an authorized certificate and to get his/her coursework evaluated.

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Iversity is a Europe based nonprofit organization in the field of MOOCs. All the courses are open for all and free to learn. Official course completion certification is available at a nominal fee. Courses are mainly offered in English and German languages, however, other languages are also available including French, Italian, Spanish and Chinese.

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Apart from these, there are many more players working in the field of online education. You can check out, Microsoft Virtual Academy, General assembly, and There is no better way to use your spare time and learn new skills than doing online courses. It’s free, easily accessible and career enhancing.


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