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Is beer an addiction?or is benevolent?

Beer is one of the oldest and the 3rd popular beverage after water and tea, in this world.Produced mainly from cereal grains.It contains varying percentages of alcohol depending on the breweries(4 to 6%, above 40%, etc).Earlier the European beer contained fruits, honey, numerous types of plants, herbs, spices, but nowadays it has been modified or redefined with flavors and its main ingredients are water and barley- malt and hops.Now the beer producing industries contribute a huge percentage of global revenue.

Books of beer are like

Beer reduces the risk of heart attack by 40-60%.

Prevents blood clotting.

Increases bone density due to the level of silicon in it.

Certain vitamins present in beer rejuvenates the skin and brings a glow to it.

It keeps your kidneys healthy and prevents the formation of stone.

The fiber material from barley which is present in beer reduces the bad cholesterol in the human body.

Cures insomnia, promotes sleep.

Some beer helps in digestion.

Improves concentration.

Reduces anxiety and stress.

Helps in muscle recovering and ward-off cancer.

Consuming anything in excess is harmful to health.Drinking a moderate amount of beer has been proved by many doctors as well as the New England Journal of Medicine to be pragmatic.

An average can of beer has over 100 calories which are proportionate to a chocolate chip cookie.This extra calorie should be burnt out by workouts.

Is an energy drink better than beer after a workout?

The answer is here, beer is purely plant based while other drinks are not.Barley hops and yeast contains a wide range of nutrients which is not found in any other drink.

Water or Beer?

Water lasts in the body for less than 60 minutes and its the best way to recover from a workout but, beer is comprised of about 95% water along with some natural nutritional ingredients which are very helpful for human health.So, beer is preferable over water after a workout.

Effect of beer before or after a workout

A flavonoid ingredients 8-prenylnarigenin(8-PN) is found in beer which helps in muscle building.Beer rehydrates human body better than anything else but the alcohol percentage in it should be less about 4%.If beer is consumed before a workout, it won’t let the body dehydrate, it also reduces perceived muscle soreness, reduces inflammation and also helps in digestion.After a workout, if taken it rejuvenates the body by providing the essential nutrients.

After a workout, it’s more likely to replenish the dehydration with water but the carbon dioxide present in beer satisfies thirst more rapidly and the carbs in the beer replenish the loss of calorie from exercise.The presence of alcohol in the body triggers a number of chemical processes which helps muscles to grow and regenerate.It prevents dehydration and thereby preventing cramps, muscle pulls and strains.

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