Varnika Dasgupta

  • Social


    Humans are social beings. We live in a society and hence,social interactions and social relations are an essential part of our life. Throughout our lives we build different relationships: friendship, romantic as well as blood relations are the major ones. Are relationships important? Here, we are not only talking about romantic relationships but also about family relations and friendships. Everyone…

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  • Life Style

    Power of Subconscious Mind

    One of the most intriguing thing about our body is the functioning of our mind and its power. Before diving into the topic, let’s have a brief description of our mind. Our mind is majorly made up of two kind of states: 1. Conscious 2. Subconscious The conscious mind is that part of our brain which is active while we…

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    Being a third world country, from our childhood our mentality is shaped in such a way that, having a secure and settled future is way more important than self-satisfaction. And I personally think, there’s nothing wrong with choosing a career on the basis of its demand in market. But self-satisfaction is also important. I feel whenever you are choosing a…

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