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    Story of Duffer Who won Doctorate

    From our childhood, we are grown up by holding his hand. We played upon his shoulders. We slept upon his heart. He is the person who introduced the world to us. He scolds us, he beats us and again consoles us. He works the whole day to keep us happy. He cares for us that is the reason why he…

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  • Science

    Albert Einstein’s Life story(14th March 1879-18th April 1955)

    Albert Einstein a well-known genius of the modern age. Time magazine termed him as “THE PERSON OF THE CENTURY “. This legend born in a Jewish family in Ulm, Germany and died in Princeton Massachusetts. He faced a lot of obstacles in his path to becoming successful scientist. Let us know them one by one. Einstein’s childhood Though Albert born…

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    JAVA magic

    Java a general purpose object oriented programming language .It is a very important mile stone in the era of development. It brought a remarkable change in our life style . What made it very special ? Why it became very popular ? Let us see.. Today everyone of us are familiar to internet and what all the information  we want…

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