Android what is it actually?

It is an operating system like that we have on our computers, which is developed by Google, which belongs to the Linux operating system family.It was developed in 2008 for using in smartphones which are touchscreen and provides features like swiping, tapping, zooming, etc.

Android is widely used in mobile phones, tablets.Different versions of android are available, version means like with the upgraded version some extra features are introduced, which makes it user-friendly day by day.

IOS-what is it?

It is also an operating system like android, which is developed by Apple Inc. Which belongs to the operating family Unix, OS-X.It was developed in 2007 and is used only on apple devices like iPhone,iPad,iPod etc.It has also a wide variety of versions.

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What is the difference between android and ioS?

>Andriod can be fully changed or customized I.e rooting, its bootloader and configuration can be changed fully but in iOS, its is restricted.When iOS was first introduced it was fully restricted but with the latest version some access is allowed, thus privacy is more in iOS.

>Andriods are accompanied with large battery lifetime ait’s mostly removable but in iOS battery lifetime is short

>File transfer is easier in android over iOS.

>Filemanager is available in android while on iOS it’s not.

>Unlimited backups are allowed in android but only up to 5GB backup can be done in iOS via a cloud.

>Speed of iOS is more than that of the latest version of android.

Video chat can be done in android via various app throughout any device but in an iOS video chat can only be done between the same OS.

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>Android has frequent software updates but some devices are restricted which is decided by the manufacturers, whereas in iOS upgrades are available for all devices.

>Privacy can be leaked through android because some apps requires permissions to access all the present data in phone and user needs to accept the permission for installing that app, where, in iOS, user can install by rejecting that and ignore it and can also view which apps can read their private information and disable the permissions.

>A wide range of androids are available which have different price, resolution, features and user can install apps even outside from app store.

>Whereas iOS is costlier and apps can only be installed from the store and no 3rd party apps are pre-installed in it.

>iOS uses c,c++, android uses c and mostly java for multitasking.

>iOS have a better display quality and better sound than android.


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