6 Things To Do When Someone You Love Hurts You.

We do love our parents, siblings, friends, family. We fall in love with someone. Love is a beautiful emotion. It varies from person to person. We cannot express love we can just feel it. Love consist of pampering, caring, respecting each other no matter with whom you share Love.
At times we often deal with awkward situation with our loved ones. Things get complex due to misunderstanding and lack of communication. We don’t even think about it and start arguments with each other which lead to fight sorrow and pain from them.
If you want really want to save your relationships with your loved ones. Read out some ways given below this may help you to handle such situation in matured way.

Control your Anger

No matter whose fault it is, just try to control your anger. A single word said in anger can break your lifelong relationships. Pause for 5 seconds and stay quite. Let the opposite one say or do whatever they feel like. Don’t try to get involved with his/her action. Your reaction towards it should be blank. This will help the other one to be normal. Let all your actions be positive, like tell him/her to stay calm.
If nothing works just move from that place.

Spend Sometime Alone

After the argument or quarrel is over. Try to calm your mind and heart. Go out somewhere and be with nature. Talk to your self, ask questions to yourself. You will be amazed to get reply from innerself. Understand the situation properly, learn from it who was correct and who was wrong. Be honest. Once you gain clarity things will fall into its place.

Communicate with each other

6 Things To Do When Someone You Love Hurts You.Meet or call the person after few hours or after a day. This way other person will also get some time to think, if he/she really loves you. Call them and talk like nothing happened. Make that person feel comfortable with you. In a while you can talk to them about what just happened last day and what do you feel about it. Say Sorry if it was yours . Try to connect with each other and tell them how much you love them and what they mean to you.

Grieve if you feel like

Allow yourself to grieve. Pain from loved ones is worst, even if it is for small arguments or their actions and negligence. Cry out loud; give some vent to your feelings. Get all the negativity out.

Learn to Handle your inner being

If you getting hurt many times with other person or same person. Be strong and handle yourself because no one else will. Don’t be kid and stay in a corner. Be Bold and focus on other things. Try to build yourself stronger. Love yourself the most. Take care of your own. Do things which make you happy. Don’t be depressed. Be with loved ones who actually help you grow and want to see you happy. Spend sometime with ownself.


Forgive yourself if you have ever hurt your loved ones. Apologize for the same and move on. Also forgive the person who has given you so much pain. Understand wisely, handle bravely and live happily. Love everyone in this world and forgive them for their mistakes

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