6 Things every Girl wants to do in her Life

In our society, women are kinda restricted to a shell. Can’t go out, can’t party and what not. Here are 5 things that every girl or woman will agree that she do wants to do at least once in her life. So, it’s high time, GO GIRLS, ROCK THE WORLD!

Girls Night out!

Every girl faces this in her life every day, “You can’t go out after 8 p.m. at night”. Like really, why do we girls be afraid of anything, we too are humans, the creation of God, if boys are allowed to go then why can’t we. So for every girl out there, I say, we do want night outs with our close friends to enjoy life and take a breather from our daily schedule and break this damn taboo of doing this and not doing that!

All girls Road Trip

Admit it, girls, this is one of the dreams you have ever had. We girls do want to spend full time on road wandering from place to place with our “girl” friends (mentioned no boys allowed!) just to spend quality time and gather as many memories as we can.

Travel Round the Globe

Okay, I would admit this; not only we girls but some boys also do want this in their life. But to be quite honest, many of us only dream of it. Well, it’s a good thing we have enough possible share of chances to try this one out!

Dream Job

Our society still doesn’t give enough liberty to girls, admit it, this is so damn true. Many of us still just dream of having a proper lifestyle and job, all on our own. But the ray of hope in this scenario is that there are families who want their girls to study and stand up on their feet for their own selves.

To make our Parents proud

We girls love our family; we can do anything for them. And to be quite honest, most of us are attached to our father slightly more than our mother. We all want our parents to be proud of us, but most importantly we want to hear this one thing from our fathers, “Look, that girl, she’s ‘my’ daughter, and, I am proud of her”, and we do everything to hear this from them. It gives a satisfaction beyond belief.

Ride a Bullet

Well, this is something we can’t deny. Riding a bike is not a thing we dream of but we desperately want it to happen. And by bike, I don’t mean any ordinary bike, but a Royal Enfield, no coping up with that, mind it!

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