5 Ways to Deal with Ignorance

One day you may find, that person who used to talk to you suddenly starts ignoring you. You won’t notice it initially but as time passes by you will start feeling ignorance, you will feel less importance given. You will wonder what wrong you have done. Read out this Article to understand various ways you can try out to deal with ignorance.


This is the best way to deal with ignorance. Spend some time alone with yourself. Think about recent conversation you had with that person. Recall your reaction on that conversation. Introspect to know if you have hurt that person somewhere. Think about it deeply. If your action were not kind enough go immediately to that person an ask for apology.


As described above if you have hurt that person and you know it, you should apologies for that. This will help you come out of the situation at the earliest. Talk to that person and know what really you meant while saying it and how it got interpreted. Sometime it happens even a joke can hurt a person deeply, it happens due to lack of understanding. You should know how to deal with this situation for that understand that person properly. Have a healthy discussion over this. This will clear all disputes. If this is not the case still go and say sorry if you have hurt unknowingly.

Ask Help

If you have a mutual friend. And you want help ask them out. They can be a messenger between both of you. They can try best to solve this situation.

Don’t think about it

If things doesn’t go well as per plan and all your trials went unsuccessful don’t stress out. At times its better to leave all thoughts side, go out have a walk. Things will fall into its place when the right time comes. When situation becomes out of control don’t think about it much. Just know you have given all efforts to save that relation etc.

Ignore them Back

Lastly all you can do is ignore them, if they want they will come back. Move on with life. The person who is meant to stay will be there with you.

Hope this Article works for you. Do let me know your comments.

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